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8v information sites?

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I was wondering if there are any information sites (Not performance) on 8v's. Thanks!
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Re: 8v information sites? (MattTheFatCat)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Matt but I do not think that you have an '85 GTI.

Here are my reasons : Headlights; you have the small squares that came on the '85 to '86 Golfs. Bumpers; yours should have red stripes on them instead you have the chrome strips, Side moulding and fender flares; you have the narrow side moulding you should have wider ones with a red stripe on them and a GTI badge set into the moulding, you should also have the fender flares but instead you just have the chip/rock guard on the rear fenders, Side window mouldings; you have a chrome surround on the front side and rear side windows, you should just have the black rubber for the rears and blacked out trim around the door windows, also a chrome inset in the door handles should be black, Rear window surround ; there should be black vinyl around the rear window that extends to the edge of the body. Seats ; should be the sports seats with larger side bolsters, the middle part should be gray/dk gray stripes, your look like the basic Golf seats, the steering wheel is different too.
I cannot tell by the engine pic , but you should also have an ISV ( idle stabilizer valve) sitting on a bracket on the valve cover, you should see a knock sensor attached to the front of the block ( a green wire/hose attached to a bolt) also you should see a water to oil intercooler where the oil filter screws into.
Granted ,the car is old now and a couple of things could have been changed but probably not all of them seeing how you have a stock looking car ( looks like even the original steel wheels). I bought my '85 GTI in '88 and it was Bone stock, so trust me I know what one looks like. Sorry,
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