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8v radiator in a 16v

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can someone give me some idea of how I can fit a 8v radiator in my 16v scirocco? my radiator cracked on my 16v. I have 3 8v radiators so I wanted to use one on the scirocco. anyone ever did this before?
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Re: 8v radiator in a 16v (tyrone27)

try selling 2 of the 8v radiators and get what you need man
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Re: 8v radiator in a 16v (cheeba)

I'm pretty sure the 16V has a catch bin for the coolant, does the 8V have the same? My '78 8v doesn't have a catch bin. Its just from the block, and to the block.
I also assume that the only diffrence between the 8V and the 16V radiator ( besides the catch bottle problem )is just width of them. The 16V is longer ( form one highbeam to the other), so if any of your 8v rad's are set up for a catch bottle, then it SHOULD go right in. Just have to secure it and plumb it, untill you get your rad fixed or replaced. It should run fine. It should be efficient enough so you're not running hot.
Wouldn't it?
I assume this is to be a temporary fix, no?

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