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Due to the lack of response from op in the original thread "2.0 Club" I've decided to make a new thread so that the # can make it on the first page!

8v-society list


In this format .. username--year&model---mods

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#101-pinteraje---2003 Golf GL---ITG air filter, Koni STR.T suspension with Neuspeed Sofsport springs, and few other exterior stuff
#102-Jaded---04 golf gl---monsoon swap, coils, jetta nose job, soon to be rocking x5 rims
#103-adharl---99.5 Getta--- mods 2 come!
#104-ZYD786GP - 2001 Jetta - K&N Filter, 18's & custom drop
#105-Hendu---2000 jetta---oem racks, shaved front rubstrip, debadged
#106-i0am0vdub-2000 golf - smoked fender markers, custom side exit exhaust, coils soon
#107-VwSweetHerat--2002 Golf GLS--Blacked out Tail lights, Fender and Bumper Lights, FK Cup Kit, Alpine Audio System with Double Din Head Unit, 18x8 ASA AR2 V2 wrapped in Hankook Ventus V12, Badgless Grill, Black VW trunk Emblem, 5th Brake light mod, LED Pure White reverse lights and interior lights
#108-b.donahue---99.5---Jetta---racelands, mini-keg intake, joey mod headlights, TT rim, oem roofack, more to come
#109- JmullGTI---99.5 Tropic Orange GTI--- Projector headlights, blacked out tails, Injen muffler, (Fk coils and new headliner coming.)
#110-k3ith.---00 jetta---coilovers, magnaflow, intake, short shifter, tint, ecodes, gli tails, gli front-rear valance, euro rub strip
#110-LaZiO---99.5 Jetta GLS---Tein S Sport springs, CAI, Magnaflow catback, oem black grill, black e-codes.
#111-Discomonkey -- 2002 Jetta -- GLI exhaust, oettinger kit, lowered on FK high tecs, retro HIDs, burberry interior, shark fin antenna
#112-le-di-snake---2003 Jetta---stock with primax wheels and vw decal.

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#201-Ogizzle-03 jetta---full catback, e codes with fogs, euro switch, smoked side markers ,swiss cheese intake mod with k&N , rockin the steelys
#202-VW Squirrel---2000 golf---bbs e50 wheels and removed side trim
#203--kai_ascencio---2004 Jetta---18"wheels, projector headlamps, smoked tails, Neuspeed P-flo, soon to be low, soon to be chipped
#204-Riegn---2000 Jetta---1999 BMW 740I wheels FK StreetLine Coilovers!
#205-fu-man-chu----2005 Golf GLS----AEM Cold Air Intake, Techtonics Tuning Cat-back, tint, blacked out hatch emblem, badgless grille
#206-saza---2001 Golf---autotech cold air intake,Magnaflow ater-cat exhaust system, 2.25" piping,Xanon Headlight bulbs
#207-SirSmokeAlot---2002 Jetta Wagon---polished intake, rokkor coils, shaved jetta emblem remounted Cubedfreek --- 2002 Indigo Blue Golf --- Rokkor Coilovers, Oettinger silver Type RE 18x8.5s, Reiger R-RS front lip, painted engine cover/rearview mirror, 10000k HIDs on 55w ballast, LED city/interior lightsn cargo cover, painted calipers
#208-Onlybetx- 99.5 Golf- No mods yet, just got it
#209-Spyopticx---2005 GL---window tint, wheels
#210-wesman3659---04 jetta---boser hood, badgless grill, stubby antena, black drag rims, black housing ecodes w/ halos, smoked helix tail lights..limo tinting, H&R cup kit, magnaflow exhaust, 4 motion front valence
#211-Dijitil---2001 Jetta GLS---Neuspeed intake, magnaflow exhaust, RS1 front bumper, PWZO mirrors, Votex side skirts, Joey mod headlights, badgeless grill, shaved doors, other random stuff.
#212-Cubedfreek --- 2002 Indigo Blue Golf --- Rokkor Coilovers, Oettinger silver Type RE 18x8.5s, Reiger R-RS front lip, painted engine cover/rearview mirror, 10000k HIDs on 55w ballast, LED city/interior lights, joey-modded headlights, blacked-out corner lights, OEM sunglasses holder, textured rubstrips/grill bars, stubby antennae, debadged rear
#213-WolfGolf - 2000 Mk4 Golf GLS 2.0L - AEM ColdAir Intake, 18" Falken Circuit Spec Rims on 225/40 Kumho tires, Oettinger Front Valance, Oettiner HatchWing, lowered on Eibach Springs, ECS strut bar, Ziza EuroSpec Headlights, Hella MagicColor blacked Tailights. Audio: Infinity Reference 2-way crossovers for the front and rear, MTX 12" vented sub with MTX amp and JVC KW-XR810 deck
#214-volksterdubbin---2002 Jetta---TYC Black housed headlights (Euro Spec). Helix Smoked Fender repeaters
#215-burtonxbordr94---2003 jetta---Wheels, Plaid, Roof-rack
#216-Jbigs268---Ginster GTi---N/A
#217-Germaicanmk3---95 jetta---slammed ,chipped and cammed
#218-2.0_Nick---2003 golf---roof rack, raceland coils
#219-Kipy---2002 jetta---shaved notch, shaved trunk,racelands,,3-12in subs 3500w system
#220- zero_x_soul ---1999.5 jetta GLS--- GLi interior OEM flush
#221-dorkage--- 1999.5 Golf ---now with moar higher
#222-boot patrol ---Golf
#223-vwsquibb---2002 gl 2.0--- yakima roof rack, Beetle convertable wheels, jom grille, added center armrest, new custom made leather shift boot, bora 4 motion front lip, sony aftermarket ipod radio with hd tuner
#224-SlayStation-2002 Jetta GLS-- K&N custom airbox, flat black Avus wheels, lowered 2.5" on H&Rs, full Infiniti speakers fully rewired, capacitor, MTX TC6001 amp, 2 MTX 10" subs, Pioneer head unit, dynamat eeeveeerryyywheeerreee, GLI tails, debadged trunk, parking light DRL mod, flat black stock grill, 4mo front valance, stubbytenna, skid plate
#225-Zero41792 ---- 2005.5 Golf
#226-lgjurich ---2004 Golf
#227-ShortBus ------1999.5 Golf
#228-rid3snmxlafx 2002 Jetta
#229-mgw_mk4--- 2001 Jetta GLS
#230-Braxt2.0-2001 jetta Rokkors, Sound system, painted grill, and more to come
#231-ps_golf - 2002 Golf - AEM CAI, Limo Tint, 17" VW Bravo's, GTI Taillights, 10K RTX HID's, VW Golf Bra, LuK Clutch Kit/ Lightweight Flywheel, Tinted Bumper Markers.
#232-MyJeetasNoJet914---02 jetta blk---- H&R lowered, 4Mo Lip, Fat5s, GTI Reccaro interior, cai, custom exhaust, polished cylinders, joeys Mod & M3tails.
#233-ItsA2.slow --2000 Golf
#234-laloggia ---2000 Jetta 2.0 ---(Supercharged), Neuspeed Power Pulleys, Neuspeed Supercharger (2.6 pulley for more boost), Neuspeed P-Flo intake, Eibach Sport Springs, Eibach Shocks/Struts, 17 inch Longbeach Wheels
#235-VwRcngGL ---2001 Jetta GL--- Megan Racing Cat Back Exhaust, Magnaflow High Flow Cat, Neuspeed Underdrive Pulley Kit, Injen CAI, Streetglow Underbody LED Kit
#236-Maxin Relaxin ---2000 Golf GLS
#237-cambelp1--- 2002 Jetta--- Raceland Coils, K&N CAI, 18" D'tek M1's, GLI Front lip/skirts, Debadged, painted black grille, HID's, 10" audiobahn sub
#238-Reign1 2000 ---Jetta 2.0 5 spd ---CAI
#239-Paulharsh78 ---1999.5 Jetta
#240-JTorpedo ---2000 Jetta GLS ---Stock
#241-DAS-AUTO--- Jetta --- bags, alphards
#242-SimK --2000 Golf GLS 2dr ---18" ASA AR2, lowered on FK springs & Bilstein struts, custom upholstering interior, Recaro EVO VIII seats
#243-Badaxx-1999.5 mk4 jetta --custom ram air intake chipped oversizes drilled slotted rotors black tinted taillights and all markers after market projector headlights bronze racing wheels red black leather interior
#244--mlenn820---2000 cabrio---completely stock.
#245-Jbluc4 - 99.5 Jetta - Raceland Coils, Clear Sidemarkers, Sitting on Monte Carlos, ECS 8mm spacer up front, ECS 15mm in the back, Deleted Muffler
#246-Slugshot_90---2001 Jetta GLS---Autotech CAI, GIAC flash
#247-rceh8r--2003 golf---raceland coilovers and 17" bbs cv's
#248-albinowasp--2003 Jetta-K&N Cone Filter, JVC Headunit
#249-Preproc - MkIV Golf GLS - MagnaFlow Cat-Back
#250-tyler10gti--2004 Golf 2dr--raceland coils, votex roof rack, gli recaros, clear sidemarkers
#251-mk4scjetta---2001 getta--- golf front end, rear seat deliete, boser hood, r32 full kit, neuspeed supercharged engine, cai ,full magnaflow exhaust
#252-utdanevw--2002 Jetta---KW coils, 18x8.5 Turbo Twists, Recaro Colorconcepts, TTTuning Exhaust, Neuspeed Sways, MMP Ecodes, Hella smoked tails
#253-K Dubs - 02 Golf 4 door, bone shtockzzzz
$254-I love lamp-2000 Jetta- exhaust, rokkor coilovers, gli taillights,17x10 stp1's all around, dieselgeek skidplate..much much more.
#255-Orzel541--2004 Golf---smoked bumper side markers, aftermarket fender markers, textured rubstrips,red towhooks,joey-modded headlights
#256-zcla42892----2000 jetta gls----18x8 black avant garde m310, badgeless grill, smoke trim lights, cat-back exhaust w/ 2.5 in pipes, bilstein sport suspension, kenwood excelon head unit and door speakers, JL door speakers, soon to be put in: 2 15 inch powerbass subs with 1000w kicker amp...my dub goes boom boom baby
#257-DuI3I3_n--2002 Jetta--Raceland coilovers, badgeless grill, custom 2 & 1/4 cat back exhaust, 16mm rear spacers, and more to come.
#258-Zach B. - 99.5 jetta - work in progress
#259-StormTroopered--2004 GLS---Debadged... if that counts, just got it tuesday.
#260-tdallas---2003 jetta---just starting on mods.
#261-JHanna79-99.5 Jetta GLS-binding axles.
#262-McNeil--1999.5 Jetta---Exterior: Caratere front and rear valence, Caratere Grill, Caratere side skirts, Euro rubstrip, GLI headlights, Metalic Green Repray
Suspension/Wheels: FK Racetech coilovers, 337 spindles, TT Control arm bushings, Autotech 25mm front sway, Autotech 28mm rear sway, Neuspeed stress bar, Neuspeed lower tie bar, RH ZW3 with BBS Gold Bolts 18x8.5f with Pirelli 215/45/18 & 18x9.5r with Pirelli 225/40/18, Adaptech Adapters. Brakes: TT carriers, GLI front brakes, 1.8T calipers, SS lines Transmission: G60 flywheel, VR6 clutch. Engine: Neuspeed supercharger with 2.4" pulley, Fenner drives larger tensioner pulley, Snow Performance StgII Water/Meth, European 5.5L washer tank, C2 headgasket spacer, 42lb green top injectors, VR6 MAF housing, C2 tune, Custom 3" intake, Oil catch can, 8mm plug wires, Autotech 270 camshaft, Titanium retainers, Dual Valve Springs, 2.5" Magnaflow highflow cat, 2.5" Vibrant Resonator, 2.5" TT exhaust with Borla muffler and turndown tip, BFI engine mount, ECS dogbone mount. Interior: Heated/Power leather swap, W8 overhead light, European sport shift knob, Double din gauge panel with Stewart Warner boost Gauge and Innovative LC-1, Nakamichi headunit, MBQuart highs/mids/tweets/, MTX amp and enclosed sub, TT pedals, MOJO mats, hella dual horn, OEM sunglass holder.
#263-canibaliquid--2001 golf 3-door---long beach wheels,vw sport springs,crystal headlights.
#264-funkymonkey81au--1999 Golf GLE---Stock for now
#265-Redryuu--1999.5 Jetta--- polished intake, in the process of building a custom box for the trunk thats about it for now
#266-HKIC--2001 Jetta--- Rokkors, borbet type e's
#267-2SlowHeart--2001--Golf --- Cold air intake, joey mod, smoked side markers, euro look rub strips, smoked tails, smoked fender markers, leather front seats
#268-Vdubbinn8611 - 2001 VW Jetta - CF Notchless hood, badgeless grille, black housing e-codes, Re-Upholstered leather black and white seats, suede pillars and headliner, Custom box for subs in trunk, false floor amp rack with plexi window, Full FBSS mason tech air ride, 17x8 et 45 and 17x9 et 45 BBS RS wheels, Cone air intake, generic cat-back exhaust.
#269-GREENBRAZIL--2001 golf gls 5spd----Ecs tuning cai, raceland coils, sharon antenna, euro switch, gti tails, smoked markers, (wheels and more to come)
#270 - amotion578 - 2004.5 Jetta GLS 5spd - OEM Votex roof rack, OEM Votex luggage basket, Magnaflow 2.25" resonated cat-back, TT Short Shifter, ECS dogbone bushings, Raceland Ultimos, Sparco Drifts (225/45-17 tires), airbox delete w/ filter on a stick, Alpine CDA-105 headunit, 4x Kicker KS600 speakers, 2x 10" Kicker Comp/VR subs with 1200W amp.
#271-snoudel--2005 gl
#272-7ripp3r---2003 golf gls---Koni/Eibach, K&N dropin, clear sidemarkers, TT SS
#273-d-unit--2001 vw golf 2.0---aem CAI-cat back-oem votex bars-tein springs-fogs-bbs lm reps 19x9.5r 19.8.5f
#274-jmmcwill-- 2000 Jetta 2.O-- not low enough on porsche twists with pajama fabric for an interior. the illest.
#275-ggarcia66 99.5 jetta black swisscheesebox 17"konigs
#276-MANGL3R--2002 GOLF--Aristos, Tender, Love and Care.
#277-Nikolay- 2004 Jetta 2.0- K&N drop in filter, lowering springs, Arieta rims, more to come.
#278-2.slowdubbin-- 2000 GL--- project car, 2.1 stroker, +2mm valve job, TT 260 cam, Garrett a/r 1.00 turbo, Megasquirt standalone, badgeless, hood notch filled, FK Silverlines, GLI valences, shaved bay, lots of customs schtuff
#279-PAFirefighter49 -- 2006 Golf GLS 2.0 --- Stock as of now, Daily Driver.
#280-dub801---2001 Jetta--- Black powder coated 18" Audi TT super 7's, 6000K HIDs, 20% Tint, Black emblems, de-badged trunk lid, TT short shift, custom catback, K&N intake (semi-ram (custom)), smoked GLI tails, stubby antenna, chip to come next
#281-tazeh2.0---2003 Golf---n/a
#282-Nick. -- 1999 Jetta -- Satin black grille, euro switch, euro tail lights
#283-01golfgls-2001 golf - VW Take-5 wheels, 26mm front sway bar, strut bar, raceland coilovers, e code projector headlights, red tinted tails, ECS dog mount bushing, heineken mini keg intake, new south performance intake manifold gasket, test pipe
#284-Two . Slow---2000 Golf---Raceland coils, miro st-p 1's 18x8.5/18x10
#285-Spike 01. 2001 Jetta GL. K&N panel filter. boser style carbon fiber hood with pins. aftermarket fog lights. 2 10" pioneer premiers w/ 1200w kenwood amp 15% tint. otherwise stock.
#286-FiremanDub--2004 Golf---Sport springs, thule roof rack, BBS rims
#287-mikey dubs--2002 golf---airlift airride, black gti leathers, beetle headrests, magnaflow catback , 3piece benz wheels, shaved rear wiper
#288-Myliljettatoy - 2000 Jetta 8v - Custom big turbo setup, stand alone ecu, rockford fosgate sub on custom box, sony amp
#289-Stilllookin---2001 Jetta GLS---smoked side markers and tails, Joey modded headlights, New South gauges, custom trunk setup/interior
#290-Emt290---2004 Jetta--- Scm, Black out side and fender markers, 20% tint's on all side window's 5% on back window, Black Joey mod headlights, Black badgeless grill.
#291-8v o fury - 1997 Jetta - TT 260 Cam, TT chip, Intake, TT cat-back with borla, Bouncelands, BBS e30 14's, Thule roof rack w/ fairing
#292-gebroes - 2003 jetta - konig runaways, rokkor coils, amber side markers
#293-jabryant---1988 golf---streetline coilovers, limited line ats cups, 16v lip, tinted tails & blinkers, borla exhaust
#294-Dubical--'05 Jetta---W.I.P
#295-Polish Joker ----- 2003 Golf GL ------ Jetta Front, Koni Coilis, Tint windows
#296-JolfGunky--2003 Golf GL--Jetta front end, GTI Suspention (lowered), upper stress bar, cone filter.
#297-tarmitage---2000 jetta 2.0---In progess
#298-mgw_mk4, 2001 GLS 2.0, Enkei CDR-9 but otherwise stock
#299-Raz2099---98 Jetta GL---smoked tails---modded airbox w/ K&N filter---halo projector head lamps---modified stock grill---paint matched license plate tub, striaght pipe
#300-armergedon007---2001 Jetta GLS---Mods: K&N drop-in filter, Swiss cheesed air-box, De-badged rear, Tinted windows, Joey Headlights, Stubby antenna, DRL Bypass Mod, Wheels (MB Mesh X 17x 7 et45/ Kumho 225/45/17), Spacers (10mm front, 15mm rear), FK Streetline Coilovers, Blacked out grille, Sony Headunit, 8in Sub in bandpass box with cheapy 200w amp, Euro Switch, Clear Bumper lights, New Beetle headrests, Various stickers
#301-twhittbmx15---2003 Jetta GL---catback Magnaflow exhaust, HPS cold air intake w/ K&N filter, 17" MB Mesh X rims, painted brake calipers, painted tailights, window tint
#302-buckys-dub-- 2003Golf CL- H&R cupkit, gti tails, exhaust ,19"adr m sports
#303-mkivbora2.slow----1999.5 Jetta GLS-----Black magic paint, gli lip, 35% tint, smoked markers, smoked tails, HIDs, chromed door handles and mirrors,stubby antenna, badgless grille, 18'' montes, H&R coils, ansa silverline catback, carbonio cold air, giac flash, ECS stage 1 poly mounts
#304-nick93mac--1999.5 Golf 2 door--Weitec Coils, polished Fat Fives
#305-Moises torres--2002 Jetta---replica wheels, oem roof rack, short intake, m3 style spoiler, raceland Coilovers, and tint
#306-justinvw84--99.5 golf GLS--koni coils, staggered wheels 18x9, 18x10, tt catback exhaust hidden tip, r32 headlights, 337 tails, sharan shorty, colormatched F&R valances gli skirts, carbon hood, swapped to black leather interior
#307-linchpin.666-- 2003 Jetta--Just some low
#308-AJmustDIE --- 1997 Jetta Trek --- C.A.I, JOM Coilovers, Miro STP-1 7.5"w - Et30, Dark Smoked Tails, Modded factory shift linkage
#309-BrothaVduBVA -- 99.5 Golf -- Shaved airbox, 1.5 lbs 3pc pulley kit, comming **** ecu flash and install alpine amp and kicker subs.
#310-eurodreams11--01 mk4 golf 2.slow--bonestock motor, slammed, longbeaches, roof rack , camberkit
#311-almightyjebus -- 2000 Golf GLS -- H+R Springs, Magnaflow Exhaust, CAI
#312-oneslowjetta--1996 jetta---head filled with TT goodies , new oem spec intake valves, highflow exhuast valves, HD intake&exhaust valve stems seals, dual spring retainers, new keepers, leight weight lifters .. TT 276* cam and dual valve spring kit coming soon. rering pistons and new rod bearings(STD size for both) clean up walls of scars with flex hone for proper seating of new rings.
#313-Deebo16--2000 VW Golf---Stock for now
#314-Spyopticx-Galactic Blue Jetta 2.0- Wheels, Tint, Roof Rack/ Ski attachments
#315-oldskoolracer73--2004 jetta--bbs, GReddy catback, hid's, bike rack, and coilovers next week
#316-tofie - 2002 mk4 jetta swiss cheese mod, joey mod, vibe audio system, stitched outline seats, gli side skirs and bumper, smoked tails
#317-hockeydub29--2000 GLS---GLI look headlights, FK Crystal smoked tails, Smoked bumper and fender markers, Painted Mirrors, Black grill and front and rear emblems, Rieger front valence, caracture rear valence, stubby antenna, 45% tint, 18x8.5 Audi S4 reps, eibach pro springs currently (soon racelands), 6 speed golf ball shifter, black interior from the waist up, custom sun visors and sun roof shade, beetle s pedals, Magnaflow 2.25 cat back non resonated exhaust.
#318-vwojtek--2006-Golf Gl - tein, aem cai, 20th lip kit
#319-Wade Cannon--1999.5 GTI--stock
#321-Zzman916--2000 & Jetta GLS--- FK Streetline coilovers, all BFI stage 1 motor mounts, UNITRONIC chipped, eurosport tuning CAI, VW GLI exhaust, TT high flow CAT, tt short shifter, 42 dd solid shifter bushings, Brembo rotors and hawk ceramic all around.
#322-Vwxghost--1999.5 VW Golf 2.0--- autotech 260 cam & cold air intake on rokkor coilovers
#323-v_dub_187 2000 jetta, blk on blk, 2.0l 5spd
#324-PAFirefighter49 --- 2006 Mk4 Golf GLS --- Daily Driver, No mods yet
#325-JAYDUB26, 1999.5 Golf gls. 20th lip, R rep sides, tint, 20thBMP mirrors, vortex rack, R32 pedal set, 20th knob, wood floor, 24v Leathers, 2 12" subs, 2500 amp, pioneer head unit, black roof, slotted and drilled rotors, revo software, stage II clutch, euro-sport intake, euro-sport sway bars, 7500k whites, rear wiper delete, bilsteins all around, Rs4 wheels with H&R 25mm spacers
#326-Notoriousjetta--99 jetta--Koni Suspension/Lowering kit,Neuspeed Intake,
#327-etschmall--99.5 Golf GLS -- Recaro GLI seats, otherwise stock
#328-parkway631--2006 Golf GLS--CAI, Rokkor Coilovers, GTI Tailights, Smoked Repeaters
#339-Brokemk3--1989 Golf -- aero badgless grill, smoked ecodes,fk coils, shaved hatch, konig remembers
#330-CorradoMan1---2000 Jetta---winter beater with a stubby antenna
#331-2001.5 Golf Tornado Red---Santa Monica, OEM Roof Rack, Blue Mirrors, More too Come
#332-Edleman 2001.5 Golf 2.0 OEM Roof Rack, Montes, Just getting started
#333-pogoyoyo-2000-GTI-2.0L, 35% tints, catback muffler, 20th edition lip and skirts, R8 headlights
#334-jettamk4a4--2004 jetta--Shaved bumpers and gli kit, shaved doors (handle recess hald shaved),jom coils,retrofit headlights,smoked tails,Brock b1's(17x10 rear 17x8.5 fronts,tt exhaust
#335-Slimbo2.0--99.5 Golf--AUTOtech Stg IV susp, Techtonics DP-back exhaust, projectors, stubby mirrors and antenna
#336-gsmith304 - 1998 Golf GL - Raceland coils, magnaflow exhaust, Gti taillights, full sound system, k&n intake, rewrapped headliner, mk4 shift knob, 17' wheels, europlate, rear wiper delete.
#337-volks8---golf 2001--- Kw's coils, Magnaflow catback, neuspeed intake, Brembo d&s rotors, H&R 20mm spacers rear & 8mm front, Gti tails, Halo headlights, Thule Rack
#338-KVmk4 - 2001 jetta - de-badged rear , textured rubs ( shaved maker) , black grille , gli tails and ultimo coils coming soon
#339-kharts--04 Golf--daily for now
#340-jettamk4a4--2004 jetta--shaved gli bumpers,gli side skirts- shaved doors,leather seats,retrofit headlights with dual turns,jom coils,brock b1 wheels(17x8.5fronts-17x10rears), smoked tails,tt borla exhaust, mtx woofers, r32 pedal set.
#341-coakdog40 --- 01 Golf GL --- no mods
#342-Daltliu - 2002 Golf gls - bone stock.
#343-brentwoodbc--1999.5 gti---lowered - fk coilovers, tint, gti cloth sport seats, smoked marker lights, stereo, head unit, de-badged, badge less grille, avus wheels.
#344-MikeyMurray--2000 Golf--Kamei Grill, EuroSpec exhaust, Bilstein sport suspension, rear EuroSport stress bar, new sway bar, drilled front rotors with stainless steel braided brake lines, 10" JL Subs, black headlights
#345-Eurotrashjetta--2001 Jetta Wagon---Stock
#346-Dub'dRite--99.5 Jetta 2.0--eibach sport springs, full votex kit, neuspeed short ram intake
#347-DubRoller--2001 Reflex Silver GLS---Debadge, Textured Rubs.
#348-Vdub407---1999 Jetta--- Headlights,bass
#349-jaysonsands--2003 jetta--cai st coils exhaust
#350-BrothaVdubVA--1999.5 Golf--DRL delete, lightweight pulleys, Shaved airbox, alpine amp, panasonic and kicker subs, upgraded water pump, soon to come NGP exhaust, and C2 2.0 8v software, audi fat fives maybe, freedom CAI maybe.
#351-goingolfin'---2003 Golf---Stock
#352-cmcelroy09---99.5 Golf---stock
#353-SpdRacrRabbit---1987' Jetta GLI---coilovers, G60 trans mount
#354-brewer15650---2000 Golf GTI GLS---Satin Silver Metallic , European Headlight Switch W/Rear Fog, Intake, ECS Dog bone, Short Shift Kit, Eibach Springs and Shocks, Sway Bars, Endlinks, Lower Frt Tie Bar, Powder Coated Black Old MSW's 16's, ECS Spacers.
#355-DubRoller--2001 Jetta GLS--Ultimo Coilovers, Euro Rubstrips
#356-First9t!--86 gti-- aba swap cams chip exhaust slammed
#357-Predator911---2005 Golf---ECS Big Brake Kit/Coilover FK SEP
#358-jaysonsands---2003 jetta- autotech cai---st coils--magnaflow
#359-Shaniqua---99 Golf GL-----Stock
#360-Arctic_Otter -- 2002 Golf GLS --- Custom LED cargo area lighting, Euroswitch, roof mounted scene lights, Thule rack, DEPO projectors, CD-changer-to-Aux converter box, disabled DRLs, more to come
#361-Conbon-2000 Jetta-stock (for now)
#362-Kampy---2001 Jetta GL---TT short shifter and Ariettas, more to come in the future.
#363-eurotrash2000--1999.5/jetta 2.0---AEM cold air intake, 10mm front spacers, 15mm rear spacers, remus exhaust, 2 1/2'' B&G lowering springs, audi TT pedals.
#364-f1torrents -- 2002 Jetta GLS -- GLI MFA Cluster, Ultimo's, 18"BBS LM Rep's|
#365-BrendanM52--2001 T-Red Golf-- Fk Streetlines, 10mm front & 15mm rear spacers, Longbeaches, kenwood stereo jawn
#366-MJReyes--00-Golf GLS---Stock
#367-ashleeoh-2000 jetta-swiss cheese'd, occasionally waxed.
#368--ALL MOTOR --- 1999.5 Golf GL (manual) --- 16" tuner rims w/NO BODY DROP, CAI, Catback w/resonator delete, Mod ECU, 10.2mm Wires w/platinum, Underdrive crank alternator and powersteering pulleys, Oil catch tank, B&M blue anodized shift knob, Suede shiftboot w/blue stitch, Shorty carbon fiber antenna. Pandigital e-reader with andriod operating system running TORQUE PRO app via ELM 327 obd2 interface with bluetooth connection.
#369-JohnIBarr01 --- 2011 Jetta S 8V --- Stock, for now
#370-Rdirtytoo--99.5,jetta gls-- full gli recaro int, gli headlights and taillights, fk streetline coils, R wheels,4dr R side skirts,rear lip trunk and roof spoiler,R32 control arm bushings , rear hr 15mm spacers,kn cone filter,alpine cd-radio-sat unit
#371-LanceeH - 2003 GLS - CAI, 2 3/4 inch Magnaflow Catback, FK Silverline+
#372-Tiny Voices--03 Jetta GLS---coilovers, stubby antenna
#373-Kevinescobar15---2000 Jetta GLS---Port and polish, 270Autotech, stage 3 kinetic turbo plus more
#374-jaydub99- 99mk4 golfGL dragon green- slammed on RSK coilovers,plaid interior, f-notch, 8/20 spacers ,18x8 rial comos, intake
#375-MurryEB---2002 Jetta GL---Coilovers and audio, 100% stock other than that
#376-MK4JITTR ---99.5 Jetta ----no mods yet. just picked it up
#378-MK4King- 2004 Golf GL, Raceland Ultimo coils, AEM cold air intake, Neuspeed spark plugs, BBS RC's, ECS tunning 10mm front spacers & 20mm rear spacers.
#379-sweber011 -- 00' Jetta 2.0 -- OEM+, tons of mods coming this spring
#380-mere24---2004, Jetta----Black grille, euro tails, black badges, 17' Borbets
#381-Chuggbert---2005 Golf GL----Stubby Antenna
#382-2.awesome--01 golf gls--- rokkor coilovers, CAI, unitronic stage 1+ tuning, autotech 270 cam w/dual Ti spring kit, lightweight pullies, and angel eye HID 20k
#383-taranovich92- 2001 Golf Gl- fujita short ram intake, stock exhaust (minus res), koni springs/ sachs shocks & struts, raceland strut bar, yarrowsport stress bar, black TT wheels, oem racks
#384-DubLovin01 - 2001 Jetta - Stock (Coils coming soon!)
#385-giovanni_rosales--2007 jetta--- sharkfin antenna, gli headligths & tail ligths, euroswitch, gli brushed aluminium interiors, 4motion front lip, oem votex roof carrier bars, aluminum pedals and dead pedal, beetle 2012 gear shift, red gli amrest, effekten roof spoiler, jetta aluminum door runners
#386- DubTea--2000 Bora SE--custom intake manifold and cold air feed, floating number plate
#387-DuB-4-LiFe -- 2001 Golf -- swiss cheese airbox mod, monte carlo speedline wheels, 20mm rear spacers, badgeless grill and eyelids, and much more to come...
#388-nhdub--1995 jetta gl--built head dumped on racelands magnaflow exhaust recaro seats
number 23603
#389-C_elliott83--99.5 gls--stock for now beater dd plans for the future
#390-enjoiincubus2--2002 Jetta Wagon---Coils, 4motion lips, gli side skirts, wood trunk
#391-A2VRTurbo---2004 Uniblack Jetta---- Oem TT fat fives, hotchkis front and rear sway bars, GLI recaros, H&r coilovers, Mk5 mirrors, Neuspeed Cai
#392-ILLDRUMS707---2001 vw golf gls--- badgless grill-black side markers - flowmaster muff-cai. Things to come - neuspeed chip this weekend, lowering, and wheels after taxes
#393-mooseinabox---2000 Jetta GLS---stock for now.
#394-Kjheidlebaugh-1999.5 Jetta-Autotech 270 Cam, Autotech Dual Springs and Injectors, Gonzo Stage 2 Flash, Full Custom Headers Back Exhaust w/ turndown tip, 35th Ae Vette Wheels, Raceland Coilovers, Wrapped interior, Partial Shaved Engine Bay, Badgeless Grille, Raceland Front Strut Bar, 10'' Kicker 300watt amp, Votec Roof Rack and a bunch of other S***
#395-mk2vr6akavteckiller--- 2001 golf gls ----stock...for now
#396-KVmk4 - 2001 jetta - sri mod, blacked headlight folders , 4700k halogen bulbs, textured rubstrips, black grille, color matched emblem , ultimos , stubby antenna, gli tails , wrapped interior
#397-kwes21--- 04 jetta ----bone stock
#398- jay1992--2004 Golf--none right now
#399-vwgolftwo.slow......99.5 golf....lowered, 18in wheels, cold air, 2.5' cat back

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#400- mk2vr6akavteckiller---01 golf 4 door----stock...for now
#401-BooBoo2kGolf -- 2000 Satin Silver Golf, 4door, 2.0 5-Speed-- Joey Modded headlights, JB Modded stock headunit, 15 inch JL sub, Lil' Trees
#402- southnh2.0 2000 Jetta Unitronic stage1+ chip
#403- illestcuhraw17---2000 jetta-- konig lightning rims, slammed (about to buy my coilovers ) more incoming
#404- gdmhum--2003 golf gl---rear wiper delete, debadge, tt rep pedals, ultimos and wheels soon
#405-2.superslownj--2005 jetta---stock except for coilovers
#406-dmoren11--2002-jetta-aftermarket headlights with built in fog-lights, mesh grill, 2'' drop, 16'' mesh style rims, kicker setreo system (speakers, tweeters, subwoofer, amp), stickerbombed hood, winkmirror- FUTURE MODS- air bags, duraflex body kit, respray to blue, neuspeed P-chip, neuspeed supercharger or bluewater performance stage 3 turbo kit, gli interior, gli tail lights.
#407-MrWordman--2004 Jetta GL---stock
#408-Cybrax2---1999.5 Golf---stock
#409- NorthTexasJetta--2003 Jetta GLS--Stock
#410- vsmatikov---2001 Jetta---OEM+
#411- JazDub413--2003 jetta---race land coils short ram intake and flow master 40 muffler
#412- AnthonyLawson - 1995 MK3 Jetta - Autotech 270 cam, Autotech adjustable timing gear. TT Big Valve Upgrade Kit 41 x 33 with Titanium retainers. Port and Polished Head and MK4 intake swap on an OBD1 - B&G Lowering Springs on cheap ebay struts/shocks - MK4 exhaust manifold. - new starter/new ignition - 2 Rockford Fosgate Power T1D212's - 2 sets of Rockford Fosgate Power T1652 6.5" - 2- 2000Watt Planet Audio amps - 4 farads of capacitation - secondary battery in the trunk - yellow top optima under the hood - new radiator/hoses/fan - 15" Rota Jmags for the winter/17" bull**** rims for the summer
#413- randomhero9--2002 jetta--Shortram intake,raceland coilovers
#414-Gawea--00 golf---rear wiper delete, debadged, 2bar badgeless grille, Joey modded headlights, euroswitch, blacked out rearview, tow hook "mod"
#415-Waffle2.0--2001 Golf GL 2dr--Stubby antenna... So many more plans
#416- 550ss--1992 GTI---Weber DCOEs, TT 276 cam, fifteen52 RML Flakes, H&R Sports, Corrado Front Brakes, TT Race Header, TT/Borla Exhaust
#420-dgkallday420---02 5spd---weapon r short ram intake, lowered 2"

#500-philf--'03 ReflexSilver Golf--17" monte's, JOMs on the way, black grille

#603-SpewingChunks ---2003 Golf, A8L's, H&R cup kit, 20th headlights, black grille, short shift kit, P-Flow intake, euro fog light, black mirrors, rear wiper deleted, color matched rear vw emblem

#630-marsh63-- 2000 golf-- sawblades, tt cam, joey mod headlights, coilovers, wheel spacer/adapters, machined shocker emblem, rear sway bar, harness bar and 5 points,

#666-J-Claw --- 2005 Golf --- 2 inch low

#669-vw_golf_chris -- 2000.3 VW Golf mk4 1.6 8v SR -- Euro GTi tail lights, black b pillars, bora vents, joey modded` head lights, R:.32 door handles, kenwood head unit, fusion 12" sub and amp, black badged, Black grill and wing mirrors.

#760-VIVWer--99.5 Golf---Magnaflow resonator w/ Remus exhaust, 18" Rial Bari's, otherwise basically stock

#808-hex--2003 Golf GLS---front plate relocation and painted grille (matte black). rollin' on steelies. that's it for now.

#823-cjon3s - 2001 Jetta GLS - new intake, LED interior lights, fogs

#860- boots of fruit---99.5 golf gls---BFI stage 2 motor mount, stage 1 dogbone and tranny mount, swiss cheese air box with K&N

#888-Ferra401 - 2000 Golf - No mods

#916-vwboramd--- Jetta ---19" wheels sprayed and sanded, Cold Air Intake, Badgeless Grill, 4 Motion Lip, Splash Guards, Euro-plate.*Soon* FK Cup Kit

#958-Paulharsh78-- 99.5 Jetta--CAI, Euro rub strip... lots of future plans.

#966-99.5mk4--99.5 golf GL---jetta front end, custom 2.25 cat back, cheese hole intake, modded headlights, h/u amp three tens, electric guages, mod rear valence.

#999-d1rty2.0---1999.5 Jetta--- k&n custom cai, straight through Borla exhaust, H&R Limited Edition Springs, many subtle cosmetic mods
#1000-can87 - 2000 Bora 1.6 8V - bone stock

#1003-FatDubMk3---1993 Golf 5spd 2.0----Slammed on Rokkors, Short Shift Kit, Smoked Taillights, Turns, Fogs, and Side Markers, Badgeless Grill, Custom made Front Lip from a Volvo, FULL Interior LED swap to Blue (Headlight Switch, Cluster Lights, Cluster LCD's, HVAC Controls, TURN SIGNALS, Glovebox Light, AC Switches, Rear Defrost, and Door Lock Switch), 10,000k HID Conversion, Textured Bumper Tops, Flares, and Side Skirts, Modded Airbox, 6 Disk Stereo relocated to the Glovebox with full Speaker/Sub setup, Rear Wiper Delete, Added Keyless Entry, Leather Boots, Dome Lights Swapped to White LED's, Hockey Puck Motor Mounts

#1024 --- strykr24 --- 2003 Jetta GLS --- Rokkor coilovers, 17" ASA AR1's, 2.5" downpipe, MagnaFlow High-flow cat, MagnaFlow CBE, Number1 CAI, Halo Projector headlights, Smoked tails, subs, cd player, Thule roof rack

#1337-constantine1.8t ---1999.5' Jetta---Polished intake, plaid interior, cat-back exhaust, CAI, e-codes, OEM Bora spoiler
#1338-Fahrfergnugen---1996 Jetta Trek 2.sL0w---JOM Coilovers, XXR 527's, Euro Smoked Taillights, debadged trunk, cat&res delete, VR6 lip

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I will post mine up to get this started again!

#181 1999.5 Jetta
Ninja Turtle themed
Neuspeed Lowering Springs
Neuspeed P-Flow Intake
Neuspeed Front Sway Bar
Momo Shift Knob
JVC Headunit
Sub & Amp
Badgeless Grille
Blackened Rear Emblem
Wolfsburg Side markers
Smoked Bumper Markers w/LEDs
mesh lower front grilles
Window Tint
Green & White LED Interior lights
Lime Green Headliner & Door Panels
shark fin antenna
OEM roof rack w/Thule fairing
Painted Mani
Painted Engine cover
Painted engine caps
Painted mirror caps
Painted calipers
16" Konig Verdicts

^not photoshop'd


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Word, might as well start with my car then.


MKIV Jetta 2.0 GLS

Raceland Coils all the way down front and back
15mm / 3mm Spacers
Yakima Q-Tower Rack
Short Ram Intake
Custom Maple Rack Platform
2500k Halogen Bulbs
10" Pioneer Sub
250W MTX Amp
35 Air Fresheners


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Can i play?

2004 Golf GLS
MB CLK wheels 17×8.5 all the way around with 205/45 tires I cant remember the offsets LOL.
Bagyard bombers - Firestone rears
Great plates
Bumper / hood notch fill
Bumper and fender light fill.
MKV like Headlights with 6k bulbs (Sad face on HIDs w/ reflector housings but its how I got them)
Filled exhuast cut out on 20th rear
20th front
S line audi steering wheel
Avic D3 stereo
Jetta Vents
Non MFA cluster to MFA GLI sport cluster (all wiring and r32 wiper stalk)
20% tint
Hella Magic Colour tails
The Roof is finished the same Grey as the faces of the wheels, and the barrels/lips are done in cream.
Last But Not Least, Nelson Mandela Air Freshener.

Not pictured - Emphase Cleanskirts and new wheels next week.

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Can i play?

2004 Golf GLS
MB CLK wheels 17×8.5 all the way around with 205/45 tires I cant remember the offsets LOL.
Bagyard bombers - Firestone rears
Great plates
Bumper / hood notch fill
Bumper and fender light fill.
MKV like Headlights with 6k bulbs (Sad face on HIDs w/ reflector housings but its how I got them)
Filled exhuast cut out on 20th rear
20th front
S line audi steering wheel
Avic D3 stereo
Jetta Vents
Non MFA cluster to MFA GLI sport cluster (all wiring and r32 wiper stalk)
20% tint
Hella Magic Colour tails
The Roof is finished the same Grey as the faces of the wheels, and the barrels/lips are done in cream.
Last But Not Least, Nelson Mandela Air Freshener.

Not pictured - Emphase Cleanskirts and new wheels next week.
please pm with in this format .. thanks!

vortex name -- year and model --- modes, etc

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Hey Korfu any shots of that steering wheel

Ehh why not i love our misfit group

#24 2005 Golf GLS
Fk Streetline coilovers
Clear sidemarkers and turnsignals
Stubby antenna
Golfball shiftknob
17 inch powdercoated LongBitches with some tires that are plain
R32 pedals and junk
Homemade CAI
5mm front spacers 20mm hiney spacers
Future plans for winter.
Find some ****ing lips and skirts
R32 bumpers
Roofrack with homemade basket
Redone interior with a matching fabric
R32 projectors
Maybe some dope ass wheels if i can snatch up a cool set

Naomi... i moan backwards


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Been away for a while - what happened to Ahavg? :confused:

Will post pics once the rain stops and I can get some new ones with the pretty fall colours.
he had stopped responding to the pm's so people weren't getting their numbers so I was helping him out but it was easier to make a new thread with the numbers on page one instead of random pages for everyone to find
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