Even if it didn't sell quite as well as the original, there are millions of water-cooled Beetles on the road. If you own one of them, you probably want your car to stand out from the swarm. So we've found you 9 of the funkiest accessories to help you customize your Beetle, fix your Beetle, and even help give it some of the more modern tech that it didn't have when it left the factory floor.

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CarPlay Multimedia System

One of the biggest changes to automotive infotainment over the last five years is the addition of Apple CarPlay. The software interface lets drivers make the best use of that touchscreen in a car to get better maps and traffic, listen to podcasts, or any number of other apps. But if your Beetle is older than model year 2017, then it's not going to have those features.

This Amzparts 6.5-inch display audio system lets you add CarPlay to your older car. Back as far as 2012. Even better, it looks just like the factory system. It doesn't require you to cut up your dash to fit a big radio that never quite looks right. It has Bluetooth support and can handle a rear-view camera, too.



Upgraded Seat Covers

With a model run going back as far as 1998, some Beetles have seen a whole lot of miles. No matter how well you take care of your seats, once they reach a certain age, they just don't look as good as they used to. Fabric wears, leather cracks, and both can fade from the sun.

Adding new covers to your original seats can completely transform them. Improve the look, improve the feel, and make an older car feel fresher. Sure you can get cheap "universal" fit covers, but why sacrifice the look for a few dollars. Custom fit covers like these ones from Coverking were designed to perfectly fit the seats of your Beetle. That makes them easier to install, look better, and, more importantly, more comfortable to sit on. The Neoprene fabric protects the seat underneath from water and spills, plus feels soft and comfy. And you can pick color choices that are a little more understated than the red flowers.


Flower Taillight Covers

So maybe it's a bit cliché, but the 1960s hippy image and the Beetle, even the new one, are pretty much inseparable. If you've already embraced that, then we embrace you. If you haven't embraced it, then that's just fine too. One way you can add some peace and love to your Beetle is with a pair of these.

A set of flower-look taillight covers from EmpireCovers. They let your Beetle stand out from the crowd, and bring back some of that flowery 1960s spirit. These ones come in unfinished black, so you can either paint them to match your car or finish them in a contrasting color. They're held on with peel and stick double-sided tape which makes installation simple.


LED Accent Headlights

So you've got your infotainment system up to date, and you've got those tails looking fresh, now it's time to update the nose. On older cars, the headlights might not be up to snuff anymore, and they are probably looking dated too. These replacement headlights add some much-needed upgrades to your Beetle. For starters, they're new. So the lens is fresh and clear. They offer a projector housing that can help get more light down the road and light up the night.

Making your Beetle look better, the lights have a black housing that replaces the big chrome originals with something more contemporary. They also add LED accent lights. Again giving your Beetle a fresher look.


Factory Look Spoiler

It probably won't actually improve the aerodynamics of your Beetle, but a factory-style spoiler is more likely to make things better than most aftermarket pieces. And it's a cool way to make your lower-spec Beetle look a bit more like the top-spec cars.

This factory-style spoiler should look at fit right on your Beetle. The seller even prepaints it for you. You can get it shipped to your door in nearly two dozen original VW colors. For installation, it comes with metal threaded inserts to keep it secure. No double-sided tape for this one.


Bentley Repair Manual

Need help installing all these upgrades? Or just want a little guidance for getting through the repairs and maintenance that come with owning a vehicle?

This Bentley repair manual isn't for the cars from Crewe, it's for your New Beetle. 1998-2008. Bentley Publishers has been making automotive repair manuals for cars and trucks, with an emphasis on German vehicles, since 1950. Detailed diagrams, wiring guides, and many of the tricks that can turn taking your Beetle apart and putting it back together from impossible to easy. If you're planning on servicing or repairing your own car, and you're not already a VW technician, a service book like this is a must-have.


Plush Daisy

Volkswagen made a big deal about the New Beetle's flower vase when the car launched. It's a cool little extra feature that makes it easy to brighten up your car's interior. But putting real flowers in it probably isn't happening. They're expensive, they die, and you can't really water them if you're planning on doing any cornering for a few days.

Why not try this flower? It's a blue daisy, made by Volkswagen. The plush flower is 5.5-inches tall, making it ideal to fit in the bud vase in the dash of your Beetle. With a VW logo in the center, this one should stay looking fresh for a long time.


WeatherTech Floor Mats

It's the middle of winter, which for most of the U.S. means snow, ice, slush, or mud. Things that will absolutely ruin your floor mats and carpet. And probably your pant cuffs along with them. What you need are some better mats.

Like these WeatherTech custom-fit floor liners. WeatherTech uses lasers to measure the floor of the car, then builds molds to make sure that the mats fit perfectly. They have grommets to match the factory floor mat hooks to make sure they stay in place, and the mats have tall sides to keep winter's melting miserableness contained. They're also designed to channel water away from your heel, keeping your cuffs dry.


Volkswagen Air Fresheners

Now that you've got your Beetle fixed up, teched-up, and looking fresh, well then it's time to make it smell fresh too.

Try out this trio of Genuine Volkswagen air fresheners. Sure they're an old Beetle, but that's still cool. And why have a forest on your rear-view mirror when you can have a swarm of bugs instead. The three pack of VW air fresheners comes with three different scents, too. The blue one is a fresh scent, the red one smells like melon, and the yellow one is coconut. If you don't want three difference scents, you can buy each one separately as well.