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Hey guys, I'ts been a while since I have posted in here, about 2 years ago I had a 3 page thread on my vr6 swap. Anyways that car is long since sold, but now i'm out of school and purchased a 1990 Jetta GL VR6.
Anyways, I just recently got it, and put brand new tires on it. The engine runs great, pulls strong as hell, but I have some "driveability" quirks. First off the steering is kind of sloopy (i'm sure it needs an alignment), and it doesn't help that it's a power rack with no power steering. Second, when I slam it hard into 2nd (coming upn hard from 1st) it does a chirp and then kinda bounces around in the front a lot. It's not quite sticking to the ground if you know what i mean. It should be more like a constant breaking of my tires against the asphalt, but rather its a chirp followed by a bounce (rreally tough to describe). Anyways, maybe i'm just retarted from all the beer I drank in college or I'm thinking maybe something is up with my front shocks/motor mounts. It has and H&R cup kit on it for suspension, 5 lug conversion, KCD tranny mount, and OEM rear and front mount. Could this be improper/blown front shocks? When not driving it hard it seems to handle just fine, I go over a bump and the car is nice and stiff, no bouncing like a civic with cut springs. I dunno, anyone have any ideas?
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