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So, after 2 years of collecting parts and rebuilding the engine, it is finally time for me to start a build thread. Here goes, I have a 1991 Audi 80q that I have loved for 6 years now. When I bought it it had a warped head, so I completely rebuilt the engine from ground up and installed a 272 cam. It ran well and was my daily for many years, but I always wanted more power, so a year ago I bought a 98 A8 and proceeded to pull the engine and part the rest of the car out. The car was bought with a broken timing belt, so I went ahead and tore the engine down for a complete rebuild. I had the heads, intake manifold and exhaust manifolds ported, polished and gasket matched by my good friend David (de80q). I also had him powdercoat the intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, timing covers and valve covers. Finally, I had a local machine shop replace all the valves, valve guides and valve stem seals along with decking both heads. The engine is nearly completely re-assembled. My plans for the car is to make a factory looking swap using all engine covers and airbox.

List of upcoming mods:
4.2 V8 ABZ engine swap w/ VEMS
2Bennett coilovers
Porsche 986 front brakes
URS4 rear brakes
5 Lug swap
1 Piece Euro Headlamps
Euro Coupe bumper

097 by ggaede85, on Flickr

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Ok, so after weeks of getting sidetracked and delayed I finally got to make some good progress on the swap. The engine is now timed and almost fully assembled. I will wait to put the intake manifold on until after the engine is installed as I do not want to risk damaging the powder coat.

IMAG0007 by ggaede85, on Flickr

IMAG0008 by ggaede85, on Flickr

And I spent yesterday pulling the NG out of the 80. Now comes the fun part of pulling the dash, removing wiring and cleaning the engine bay up. Then I get to mock up the engine and see what all will have to be moved and how much of the battery box will have to get cut out.

IMAG0010 by ggaede85, on Flickr

IMAG0011 by ggaede85, on Flickr

Sorry for the crappy cell pics but I forgot my camera yesterday.
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