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I just bought a car (non VW) from a fellow in Eastern Mass. We got to talking about cars (of course), and when I mentioned my past VW's, he motioned to the garage, and pointed to the back, where he's been holding onto a mint, old-lady owned, one owner 60K mile Fox coupe. He's not a VW guy, but he saw it at auction, and just figured somebody should save it. He's just looking for the right buyer who would appreciate a low mile time capsule.

What I know:

Year: 91 or 92
Mileage: around 60K
Body: 2-door
Trans: 5sp Manual
Exterior: White
Interior: Grey
Wheels: Stock (I assume 13")
Paint and interior look flawless, and the engine bay is clean. 100% stock. I only saw the driver side in a closed garage, though, so I didn't get to do a full walk-around in the daylight. Sorry I don't have any pictures. My potato phone wouldn't have been very useful in the light of the garage anyway.

He's not sure how to get ahold of the VW community (he's old school, and more into American iron with big fenders and running boards....and Volvos), so I told him I'd put out some feelers. If anyone is interested in learning more, send me a note, and I'll put you in touch with him.
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