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92 Passat idles but stalls when accelerator depressed

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Hi everyone,
I'm desperately trying to find a solution to this problem. I have a 92 Passat wagon that I recently lost the timing belt in. I had the head rebuilt at a shop but they couldn't get the car to start after that. I took it home and I've gotten it to start and it idles well but there's a very strong smell of fuel burning and when you press the accelerator at all, the car stalls.
I've been thinking distributor and cap/wires because 2 wires have been melted by what looks like arcing, and I'm guessing that what they did was left the plugwires ungrounded while cranking and now there's plugwire problems and carbon tracking in the cap. Also, the little grey plastic shield on the distributor behind the rotor has been cracked. Anyone else think this is the problem? I'd hate to waste big $$$ on a new ignition system for nothing...
The mechanics that worked on her were really bad. When I brought it home, I found the Auto Trans. computer on the back seat. Why they took that out, I don't know. And the whole bottom of the dash has been removed. Go figure....

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