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Just like it says. It's automatic, no interior, police impound car from a drug bust, no keys, never had it running, no title, dash is torn appart and missing things if I remember correctly. I bought it in the hopes of using it for a swap/parts car but after my girlfriend got pregnant and I moved to pa I never got the chance. But I've held onto the car long enough and figured someone else could use it instead of it rotting in my dad's yard. The good, Engine/Trans should be good as the car was running and driving when they impounded it but since the dash and wiring behind it are torn appart who knows how many miles are on it so I would plan to use the engine after you've rebuilt it, which was my plan from the begining, or take your chances with it the way it is. the exhaust looked good when I got it, tires are junk, five lug setup is all there as well as the abs system, body is in good condition no real rust or dents that I remember, glass sunroof that looked like it was in good condition if anyone wants to swap their non-glass corrado sunroof for it, basicaly everything in the engine bay is still there and looked in order. I'm not looking to get rich off of it but I would like to get back some of what I payed for it and considering I can get at least 150 for it from scrap I'd think it's worth more than that to someone who will use it. I can't get any pics of it because I have no plans to go down there any time soon but if I do I'll post them. The car is in Gaithersburg, MD 20877 zip code. and of course it will need towed. I think that covers everything. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, oh as for the price I'll consider any offers over 150 I'll also consider trades of any sort or partial trades, I have MK II's right now just so you know.
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