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93+ style DOME dome light questions

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i need the light adn sunroof switch in black. im not sure but i heard passats havet the same setup. can u guys tell me what years?
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Re: 93+ style DOME dome light questions (GotEuroCorrado)

90-93 were the same body style...so thats probably ur best bet http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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I'm a little confused here...first off if you have a 1992 interior'd which means you have the same setup as a Passat with a seperate sunroof switch that is seperate from your dome assembly pop in.
Now on 93 and later Corrado's and MK3-->MK4's there is one integrated assembly with dome light/pass light/sunroof switch like this:
(this happens to be a MK3 retrofitted into my Corrado since its plug and play and looks a lot better than the bulky switch)

To answer what I think your question is, my ex had a Passat dome light assembly in black retro'd in her Jetta so that is (1992) what year I think your looking for be it the junkyard or stealership...

Modified by TeutonicVR6 at 10:46 AM 6-28-2003
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Re: (TeutonicVR6)

im doing the 93-94 conversion. i took my 92 pannel and dome light out and put in the 93-94 pannel. i have a 93-94 dome light but there is 2 problems: 1 is tan and i want BLACK,and 2 the sunroof switch done work even if i was willing to paint it.
so i need to know which cars have dome lights in black that i can put into the 93 hole.
btw the actual light plug, does it ever change shape? cause i dont feel like cutting crap apart AGAIN.
Re: (GotEuroCorrado)

To my knowledge I wasn't aware they came in black...someone correct me if I'm wrong. I think the two headliners that they went with were the grey and tan. I think after having dark healiners in previous platforms they decided lighter healiner colors helped to brighten up the cockpits.
Re: (TeutonicVR6)

my friend has a corrado with a BLACK peice in his... he has a black rado with tan leather. 93 slc
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