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I recently replaced the clutch, pressure plate and slave cylinder on my 93 MV. A chirping/squeeking noise now emanates from the release bearing when the clutch is fully engaged, and your foot is completely removed from the pedal. If the clutch pedal is slightly depressed to begin loading the release bearing the noise goes away, and stays silent while the clutch is disengaged. It seems there must be a slight pressure applied to the release bearing when the clutch is not engaged, but, how can it be adjusted? I made sure the pedal was returning as far as possible, and even adjusted the cruise switch and stiffened the return spring, to no avail.
I thouroughly bled the system when installing the new slave cylinder. Should a little air be introduced to the system to enable the release bearing to have no pressure on it from the fork? Any one encounter this or have some ideas.
Thanks for the help.
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