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94 CL (Canadian) cutting out

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Hey guys I've done a search and I can't seem to find anyone else with this problem.
My 94 golf 1.8 cuts out the odd time, it just plain cuts out. There's no warning no gradual drop, it just cuts in and out. It only stalled out completly once at idle, but if I floor it(clutch in) it pops a couple of times then seems ok? Once it popped through the intake but only once. There are no lights that come on, no check engine, it doesn't matter if I have a full tank or not. It makes no difference in the rain either. The car has had a new fuel filter plug/wires/cap/rotor in the last year.
The filler neck is very rusted, could that cause it? Or maybe fuel pump?
Thanks very much for your help.
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Re: 94 CL (Canadian) cutting out (duckstein)

no one??
There is another guy up here with a 2.0 that does the same thing, he can't find the problem either.
Re: 94 CL (duckstein)

Check in the Canadian Forum there are quite a few CL Pwners that reside there
Re: 94 CL (PrupleGTI)

check for vaccum leaks in the throttle body assembly....the 1.8l's are notorious for having the throttle body gasket crack and cause problems.....could be sucking in a lot of air if the motor moves and causes the TB to shift......just a thought.....also, check the normal things like the cap and rotor, plugs and wires, fuel pump and relay, and ignition coil. There aren't many things that can go wrong with the CL engines....they dont have as many sensors as the ABA engines......so as long as you have fuel, spark and air.....they'll run......good luck
Re: 94 CL (Canadian) cutting out (duckstein)

Thanks for your help. Your right there isn't much there to go wrong, I was thinking about the coil and such.
I guess I just have to start swaping parts until I hit it.
Thanks again
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