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94 jetta alarm problems - long!

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I recently purchased a 94 Jetta only to realize that the factory alarm did not seem to be working - no flashing red light/no horn chirp when locking doors. After reading previous threads I checked the alarm module under the dash panel and realized that the 10 pin connector on top and the 6 pin connector on the bottom were not connected. I connected the 10 pin connector and found that the flashing red light on the door turned on.
When I went to plug in the 6 pin connector on the bottom I noticed that the thick red wire and the thick red/black wires had been cut and spliced together - leaving the connector with only 4 wires connected and 2 that had been cut. I plugged in the connector as-is and found that the alarm horn began beeping immediately and would not stop if i locked the doors or unlocked the doors.
I decided to reconnect the 2 wires that had been cut from the 6 pin connector back to the 6 pin connector (to mave everything 'stock'). I did this and the alarm horn continued to beep regardless of locking/unlocking/opening doors/closing doors.
Right now I only have the 10 pin connector plugged in (the one that controls the flashing light on the door). The 6-pin connector and the thick red and thick red/black wires are spliced together once again. I had to do this because if I unplugged the 6-pin connector and left the red and red/black wires connected to the connector, the car will not start. Only when i disconnect the 6-pin connector and splice the red/black and red wires together will the car start.
Anyone have a problem like this before?? Any ideas on how i can get my alarm working again?!!?
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Re: 94 jetta alarm problems - long! (greenland299)

I have a 95 Golf Sport and the alarm brain fried a couple of years ago. At the time I had to bypass the brain by cutting the ignition wires going through it. I replaced the OEM brain with an aftermarket securtiy system.
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