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So, for the past year and a half I have been in search for the perfect cabrio donor car for the engine out of a gti parts car I got for a STEAL. Over that time frame, I've looked at probably 10. All of which were over-priced and practically rotted to pieces.

Last week I was browsing through Pittsburgh CL and came across the perfect car. Long story short, the seller was moving to another state and needed to get rid of the car so I jumped on it and went & picked it up. The process went flawlessly and the seller was a really nice dude.

This is the most SOLID mk3 I've ever seen in SoPa in stock condition. The only spec of rust on this thing is on the passenger side fender.

So, I have a lot of plans for this thing. I can't not make this thing a nice car being as it is so solid.

The first stage is basically making the guts look good:
Gut the internals of the car
Clean up engine bay
Strip underside of car and rust proof
Figure out why top is leaking

I'll post the rest of my plans when I get some time to type. 😁. Lol. This is my first build so I'm really excited.

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2nd stage will be the motor swap and interior:
Pull whole k frame, rear dead axle, etc from the gti
Power steering delete(manual rack)
AC delete
Windshield washer delete
Install vr6 motor/trans
Re-wire battery to trunk
Wire up the radio
Re-install dash
Shampoo carpet
Red DE seats
No backseat with hardwood trunk
Airbag delete
Wooden steering wheel
Upper glove box

3rd stage will be exterior, stance and wheels
Wheels and tires
Fenders rolled and pulled accordingly
Euro front and rear bumpers
Euro smoked 1 piece fog/turns
Jetta front end
2 piece early Jetta style grill
Possibly shave rear emblem
Respray Tornado Red

4th stage will be motor work:
Ported Intake
Mk4 head gasket
DRC 268 Cams
HD Valve springs
1.8t ait
Turn 2 style ait
SAI and emissions delete
Ported stock exhaust mani and downpipe
Haven't decided on exhaust yet
O2j shifter
Corrado transmission brace
Engine mount spacers
Bfi stage 1 mounts

The reason I'm doing the swap first and then performance work later is to make sure the stock motor runs good after the swap before adding stuff.

I'm sure there's a ton of stuff I'm forgetting and I'll add more along the way. All in all, I'm going for a very detail minded built car. I have pretty much everything for it except for the motor parts and silly little stuff plus my dad owns a body shop so that helps. Lol.

Now to just get to working. Hoping to have it ready to drive to h2oi 2014. Wish me luck. Suggestions and comments are appreciated.

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