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95 City? or should I keep looking?

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Hey guys, First timer here. I have a chance to buy a 95 city with 51,000 miles. Is there something I should know about the city that is different from say a GL or GLS besides bells and whistles. Also, are performance parts as easy to get as the other years? And what kind of price should I be looking to buy it for?
Thanks in advance
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Re: 95 City? or should I keep looking? (Frank3)

95 w/ 51000 is damn good. but also thinka bout how much you want to tune it. for instance, if i were to buy a car again, id get a high mileage one, and drop a 1.8t in it. but for a daily driver, it sounds pretty good
Re: 95 City? or should I keep looking? (Frank3)

A City has everything, performance-wise, that a GL or GLS has for any year. You can do all the same mods. And without the weight of the A/C, you may have even better performance out of the same mods.
I say go for it...a City should be a pretty good price to begin with. That means more money for mods.
Re: 95 City? or should I keep looking? (Frank3)

Need a price on it. A city is basicly a gutter out Car. I mean GUTTED. So it should be pretty cheep. Good think is. You wont have to replace alot its just straing putting what you want in. Look at the options you want then go to the classifieds and say this is what I want and I need help on the install. A few BBQ's and some Red bull and away you gooooo
Re: 95 City? or should I keep looking? (jayseal22)

yup. i bought a GL expressly because i didnt know anything about the models. but i put in everything i want, like keyless entry, power windows, leather and that kind of shiet, so....its all in where you want to go.
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