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Re: 95 gti vr6 golf issues Please Help*** (JustSam66)

You have to single out the component thats causing the short circuit(s). If you can do work yourself you should start by looking at your windows;
If they're roller windows call a priest, if not since I think every GTi has power windows then disconnect the wire harness in the door cards.
Lock the door then twist the little lock nipple counter clockwise until it twists off. Take all the allen key screws out and pop the handel for the door off from the bottom of the detachable piece slide a slot/flat head screwdriver in and then take out the 2 phillips screws, You might have to remove the speaker (I forget) too which is easy just pop the cover off like the door handel and remove the screws. Jiggle the door until everything slides off. Be careful not to pull the wires for your power mirrors or other cables. Disconnect the window harness and put everything back. Make sure your window is all the way up when doing this otherwise you'll have to reconnect the harness in order to move the window up. If the problem stops then you should replace the switch for the windows in the door card. If the problem persists then there is a lot of corrosion on the wires, and that's not a simple fix. With the window switches disconnected the car is safe to drive until you replace them.
Your sidemarker lights problem sounds more troublesome. Change the bulbs, and when changing them check to make sure the sockets aren't corroded. Check that the wire harness is fully attached to the sockets. Both front and back. Make sure the harness has the wires properly attached not hanging out by a thread. Inspect the wires for ware and tare. If the problem persists then check the control arm attached to the steering wheel or hazard lights button. Check the harness attached to the battery and make sure there aren't custom wires there.
The windshield wipers on my 95cl would go om by themselves I just fiddle with the control arm until they go off. Maybe just fiddle with the signal one until it goes off.
I know what it's like not to drive your vr because of little problems, hopefully this helps some.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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