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95 Jetta light problem

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My friend has a 95 Jetta and the parking lights on just one side of the car don't come on while the other side does.
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Re: 95 Jetta light problem (xschx)

replace the bulb ??
Re: 95 Jetta light problem (IzedTrek)

no its not the bulbs as they were replced. its actually one whole side that just went out so it must be an electrical problem somewhere. i don't think its a fuse or they'd all be out.
Re: 95 Jetta light problem (xschx)

check the plug that goes into the back of the light housing. mine gets all coroded every couple months, and i have to use emery cloth/sand paper to rough up the prongs. then a little dialectric grease and you're golden.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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