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96 A4 Suspension

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Does anyone know if the stock suspension that comes with this model car is sports? I am considering purchasing a set of Sports suspension and am told it will lower my car approx an inch. Just verifying ...thanks
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Re: 96 A4 Suspension (szhaider)

In 1996 there was no "sport" package for the A4. In 1997 there was no sport suspension either but, I know a guy who paid the dealer extra for sport struts and springs as a dealer only type option. The first year that you could actually get upgraded suspension on the A4 was 1998.
The sport suspension will lower your car a little bit. Unless you are getting the sport suspension for less than $200 per corner of the car, you should just buy a set of sport springs new and a set of Bilstein sport struts. You'd probably spend $650-800 depended upon where you buy from.
Re: 96 A4 Suspension (turbo90awd)

Thanks for the info. I am actually looking at the ones being sold in Audi Classifieds...
"the suspension is out of a 98 audi a4 only 45 k on it and it inclused both the struts and the springs it should lower the car a good inch at least
the jey set is everything u need just put it all in and ur are set"
This is what the seller said. I am not doubting it, just getting more opinions...i hope they are what I am looking for.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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