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-215k on the clock
-Runs very good, replaced the trans at 200k (seller said it has 38k on it, reverse gear clicks, of course)
-Just got rear brakes, front tires, new control arms, new oil cooler at 210k
-Has check engine light for a miss (pretty sure, this is what it was before and it kept coming back, haven't cleared it in a while)
-Sequoia green, paint is a C-. Roof is jacked, there are some scratches here and there, hatch is pretty rusty.
-Needs struts all the way around
-No audio included
-Has always had Castrol Syntec oil
-Manual windows, power locks work, sunroof works... everything works.
-No rear window wiper (has a rubber plug in the hole where it used to be)

Mods - black leather interior, rough condition, but still so comfy , rear hatch glass with no holes for spoiler in it, GTI smoked tails, Jetta front end, H&R springs, black leather door cards are near mint.
Located in Sykesville, MD.
Selling because I have a 6 week old son, and a job 30 miles from home. Need to get something newer and bigger. Obviously not a show car but a great daily that has served me well for 9 years.
email me at [email protected] , I can check that at work and will frequently.
edit - forgot to mention timing belt and tensioners, and other belts were all done at 210k, cap and rotor at 205k.

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