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Ok so i bought my golf about three months ago and got the following completed on the project
new tranny
new clutch
new clutch cable
new lower ball bearings
new throttle body
professionaly repainted t-red with a black roof
shaved rear wiper blade
2.5in magnaflow exhaust
custom intake with k&n cone filter
shaved bumper lines
tinted windows
black corbeau racing seats with red harnesses
polished intake manifold
the whole car is spotless and looks brand new has 163k miles but with everything replaced for a pretty pennie it runs amazing
it currently has a set of bbs's rm's 15x8 with a polished lip and streched tires

the 17's pic before repainted and shaved lines

Looking for 7,000 with bb's and will come with steelies
Or 5,000 without bbs's and a set of spotless 17's with brand new tires and will come with steelies
these are the 17's pic before repainted
more pics coming soon
call for questions 7175777531
message on myspace [http://profile.myspace.com/index.c...fied by dubdub4life at 7:30 PM 10-31-2007[/I]
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