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97 TD Starting Problems!!!! HELP!!

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Can anyone help? I have a 97 Jetta 1.9TD. In the morning's the car is hard to start. It does'nt idle smoothly and blows a fair bit of white smoke, after I pull the choke out its a little better but still choppy idling. Until I set off then within seconds it idles smoothly? Does the fuel filter need changing? Please help! Thanx
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Re: 97 TD Starting Problems!!!! HELP!! (GD)

Check your glow plugs:
They're on the front of the cylinder head with the wiring going to them, adjacent to each injector. You'll need a digital multimeter. Pull the wiring off the glow plugs - similar to spark plug caps for gasoline engine - and measure the resistance between the terminal on each glow plug and ground (i.e. the engine block). Should get about 0.5 to 1.0 ohm resistance on each glow plug and all four should be the same. If any of them are short-circuited (zero resistance) or open-circuited (infinite resistance) or way different resistance from the others, then there's your problem.
Also check the fuse ... on the TDI, it's a silver metal strip under a plastic cover, and it's either near the battery or center/rear of engine compartment, TD is probably similar but I don't know that for sure.
If all that is OK, are you getting a proper length of "glow period" based on the indication on the instrument panel? If you're getting insufficient "glow period" then the temperature sensor might have a problem, or the circuit that determines the length of glowing might have a problem. These systems are not the same on a TD as on a TDI, so I don't know much about how they work on a TD.
Brian P.
'96 Passat TDI mit UPsolute
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Re: 97 TD Starting Problems!!!! HELP!! (GoFaster)

Thanks. I'll try the resistance check with the ohm meter. The car starts okay with a lot of white smoke, but idles roughly until I set off & then its fine.
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