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98 Jetta 2 liter 8v w/ 16v head

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98 Jetta 2 liter 8v block w/ 16v head: Is this possible? What parts do I need? I'm really thinking about doing this at my 60K tune up. new timing belt, lighten pulleys, cam, cam gear, chip, turn 2 mount, 16v head if I can, and port and polish.
What kind of HP would I be looking at? Stock would I get 134? Would I get more or less torque? Does anyone have a dyno chart for this mod? Can I use the 2 liter intake man and exhaust man? Will Garret make a chip for that?
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Re: 98 Jetta 2 liter 8v w/ 16v head (blinkinbanana)

It's possible but it's going to take some work. Not just another item you add onto a tune-up. First you would have to get the head and do whatever you want to that (rebuild, port/polish, cams, etc.), then you have to get a set of pistons made for the compression ratio you want (10 or 11 to 1 probably), then you have to get the various parts and adapters for the fuel rail/injectors, throttlebody, belts, etc. That seems to be approximately what it would take. As I have never seen this done before, it's not exactly just going to be straight-forward. Look at a decent amount of time and considerable labor costs to actually get everything in and working..
That said, if you have the time and money go for it. I think with the proper headwork, high compression, and tuning you could make close to 200 horsepower with this setup. I have been looking into doing this for a little while now but I think it's a little over the top for me..
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