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99 GTI VR6 Shifter/Transmision

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I have a 99 VR6 i boght 1 month ago and recently i had a little problem with it, i tryed to burnout and i think i yanked the shifter too hard and now i have 600$ of repairs to do. Not to say the car doesnt shift anymore. I have a question is there any way i can make the shifting easier(i mean faster), i want to know if there are any mods that i can do so that it wont take so long to shift between gears ??
Oh and it would be nice if this wouldnt void the waranty of the car.
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Re: 99 GTI VR6 Shifter/Transmision (AndrewVR6)

You could install a short shifter to shorten the shift throw but you'll still have to be careful and not shift hard as these transmissions have weak synchros.
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