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Looking for any advice,
I have a 99 Passat 1.8 Tiptronic. All of a sudden it will no longer shift into 5th. (The car has 170,000kms on it - I'm a commuter so regular highway driving) (the tiptronic isn't working at all) As well, the downshift from 2nd to 1st is really rough, and makes a horrible sound. Initial thoughts are my transmission needs replacing - however I am wondering if it could be electrical or control related? I had the car in to a mechanic for an ignition issue - he indicated it was related to a command start that had been installed on the car in '99. He amended some wiring that he said was incorrect related to the command start and the installation of an after market stereo. That's when all these troubles began. Is it a coincidence, and I really do need a transmission? I am taking the car back to him, and will find out if he can do a scan of the TCM, I suspect he cannot. Alternately - anyone know of good options for this in Manitoba?
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