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9x16 on golf 3

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I have a question.
I own a 1996 Golf 3 TDI 110 KS and now it is on 15" BBS original alu wheels.
I found a cheap set of Borbet BS
Borbet BS 7,5X16 Et 35
Borbet BS 9x16 Et30
tyres are front 205/50/16 and on the back 9x16 225/45/16
will this fit to my car without modifications?
my golf is lowered with coilovers and i can make it higher if it is needed, but i do not want too much.
here is a picture of my golf - it is in the middle of work.

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Re: 9x16 on golf 3 (ivanm)

you will want different tire sizes. you could do a 195/45 on the 7.5" and either a 205/40 or 215/40 on the 9"
Re: 9x16 on golf 3 (wob_vento)

i know that, but since these tyres come with the wheels and they are new, will they be useable for at least this season until i buy 205/40 for both...
not completely sure...but i'm pretty sure the 16x9 et 30 should be fine on the rear, in fact maybe needing spacing..but that's just my research...get some help from somebody who's done it
Re: 9x16 on golf 3 (ivanm)

in my experience i would do falkens 512's.... 215/40 on the 9 and a 205/40 on the 7.5. i would also space them out to about an et15 rear and about an et20 or so front.... the reason i say alkens is because they are much more affordable over dunlop and continental, but if you got the cash those are great tires also, i have had all three brands and love them all.
Re: 9x16 on golf 3 (16x8 et34 all around)

I'm with Andy on the Falken's. Great tire, stretch perfectly... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: 9x16 on golf 3 (Blown Wide Open)

tnx guys... but the wheels come with this almost new tyres, so before i buy next set of tyres i would like to use this ones
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