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This is on a 95 GL, 2.0, manual trans 130k
I've been struggling with this for about a week now and I think I finally
have the problem at least narrowed down. It seems that the a/c stops
working when the engine warms up. It's been rainy around here, so I've been using the a/c quite a bit first thing in the morning. Pull out of the drive, flip to defrost and hit the a/c. Compressor kicks on and nice coolair starts flowing. A short while later, I notice the windows start fogging quickly. No a/c. Hit the switch a couple times and the compressor isn't kicking on.
First time I ignored it. The next morning, I unplugged the wires from the compressor and then plugged them back in. Just checking for a good connection and no corrosion. I jump in the car and start it up and it works again. Cool, I think I have it fixed head out to pick my kid up from school and at just about the same point in my drive, I notice it has stopped working again. Come home, watch the kid for awhile, have dinner, etc. And head back to the garage. I find a broken ground strap between the coil packand the valve cover, so I make new one. Start the car, and the a/c works again. So I think it is fixed again! Same thing the next day. It works for 10 minutes or so and then nothing. This time I check for power at the compressor and have none. But then hours later it starts working again.
So it seems like something that controls power to the compressor is fouling up. Isn't there something that is supposed to prevent the compressor from kicking on at low ambient temps? Or I remember one of my cars used to kick off the compressor if the throttle was at wide open, to improve passing power and to keep the compressor from being spun too fast or something like that.
Don't have my Bentley yet, and for that I should be flogged, I know. It's on the list. any ideas?
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