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A/C & Heater performance on TDI as good as gas-equipped cars?

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Since deisels warm up more slowly, and run cooler, does this affect the heater or a/c's ability to produce cold/hot air when you need it on those frosty mornings or hot afternoons? Thanks!
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Re: A/C & Heater performance on TDI as good as gas-equipped cars? (spongebob_squarepants)

heater takes longer b/c the engine takes longer to warm up. BUT we do have afterglow so as long as you keep it below 2500rpm there is an auxilary heating element that helps out.
If you live in a cold climate I recommend CWP but you don't need it. I was unable to get it and I make due just fine.
I get onto the highway quicky (keeping my rpms under 2500rpm) and I warm up in 2 or 3 miles.
The A/C isn't engine dependant (besides power) so there will be no difference. Although I don't use the A/C much except to defog windows. I'm a window down / sunroof person myself.
If you like the TDI get it!! You'll be very happy with it. Besides all of my friends calling me nuts for getting a TDI all of them have been very impressed and now look favorably on it! And my love grows for the sound eveytime I drive.

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Yes and no ;)

The A/C is Great and you never feel any engine lag when it kicks in because the TDI has so much torque. The heater does take longer as previously mentioned cause TDI's run so cool.
I highly reccommend getting the heated seats! They are almost instant and will keep you very toasty without drying your contacts out as forced air can do to mine. Heated seats + TDI =
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