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A/C question. MK3 part into an MK2

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i was looking at a friends MK3 while redjettamk2 installed a short shift kit in it, and i noticed that the A/C line (i'm probably using the wrong terminology here)goes down instead of up like on MK2s and hugs the bottom of the engine bay. looking at it, i'd almost say that it would be a direct swap from an mk3 to the mk2, w/o hassles at all. if i were to find one of these and swap it, i'd have ALOT more room in engine bay which would really be nice. would i need to get the A/C recharged if i were to take this line out and replace it with the MK3 version?
i hope you guys know what i'm talking about here. currently, i've got my cone filter held snug by zip ties which are attached to this A/C line.
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Re: A/C question. MK3 part into an MK2 (Atlantonius the IInd)

Re: A/C question. MK3 part into an MK2 (Atlantonius the IInd)

well i do know u cant unhook any a/c line without getting it recharged ...if it fits no idea
Re: A/C question. MK3 part into an MK2 (vw problems)

well, that answered my question essentially. since i'm still using the old freon based crap which i can't get recharged anymore, i've decided once my A/C is up, its up and i'm going to remove it. but, for anyone else who needs to get their A/C recharged in the spring, you should look into swapping this line from the MK3 to the Mk2, i makes a huge difference in the amount of space you have in the engine bay
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