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Re: A/C removal (AshlandSi)

quote:[HR][/HR]Garbage, I apologize if these post doesn't apply to you but:
I've noticed this trend among high school and college age kids. Removal of A/C on otherwise stock cars. That's sheer stupidity. Kiss 20% of your cars resale value goodbye, if you can even sell it after that. For what....maybe 3-4 horsepower?
I'm sure you can find a used compressor on eBay or a junkyard for a cheap price (or even a nearly new one), because of all these dumbasses removing their A/C.
On the flip side....I put together a complete A/C system for my car and only had to buy 1 piece! The rest was given to me by naive (although very kind) Civic kids that looked at their A/C system as if it were a plague.[HR][/HR]​
HEY NOW!!! I very rarely use my a/c, and with my upcoming H22A swap, i was debating this very issue.....whaddya think?
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