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A couple quick thoughts

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I am an attorney and ran across this thread from a link from on a daily legal news update I receive. I'm appalled that a dealership would do this or that their attorney would file an action like this. On behalf of my fellow attorneys, I can only hope that JE did this against legal advice (read - the attorney wasn't stupid enough to suggest this course of action!). As I read through the thread (yep - I spent most of 2 workdays reading all 30 pages) two questions/thoughts came to mind: (1) Has JE truly dropped this lawsuit? Someone earlier provided a link to the county court docket for this case. I didn't see anywhere that a dismissal has been filed. The county shows the case as still being open. Given this, my thought is that the suit has NOT been dropped, JE is merely asking for negotiations (fairly common in most lawsuits, albeit not usually this early into it). IOW, if negotiations fail, the lawsuit is still pending and will go forward. Maybe gman can provide a little clarity. (2) I think that what this dealership has done is horrible! (I too registered for this site only to post here.) I have also been very impressed with the amount of support you all have given gman. Your response has been incredible and I am amazed at how far-reaching this news has become. However, I noticed that the vast majority of sites that you're linking this thread to have been car enthusiast sites. How about spreading the word to non-car related sites as well? It's not only car enthusiasts that will be buying from JE and IMO, every potential customer should be notified of the business they are running. Just a thought.
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Re: A couple quick thoughts (LONeil)

I agree.
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