The sporty, rear-mid-engine Porsche Boxster roadster doesn't seem like it would be particularly well-suited to being transformed into a shooting brake , but that hasn't stopped one Netherlands-based custom shop from trying to make it happen.

In what we imagine will prove to be a polarizing choice, Van Thull Development in The Netherlands has decided to undertake the creation of a one-off shooting brake based on the Type-986 Porsche Boxster--the first generation of the sports car brand's nimble roadster. Predictably, this has meant doing away with the convertible top and replacing it with a long, sloped fixed roof, but there's another, equally notable design choice at work here: the front and rear of the car have been removed of any trace of Type-986 Boxster.
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The front of this Porsche Boxster shooting brake is styled after the Type-997 Porsche 911 GT3 , while the rear is fitted with a fascia like that on the Type-991 Porsche 911, including that car's slender, wedge-shaped taillights. The doors and rear fenders, meanwhile, appear to be the original pieces, resulting in an unexpected, multi-generational pastiche of Porscheness.

Were it not for Van Thull Development's Instagram captions, we're not sure we would even be able to work out that it's a Boxster underneath all that bodywork.

The shooting brake certainly isn't the most popular automotive body style, but they have their fair share of enthusiastic admirers. It's a car with all the class and style of a traditional coupe, coupled with the cargo space and versatility of a station wagon. Or does it couple the class and style of a station wagon with the coolness of a coupe?

Regardless, Van Thull Development's Porsche Boxster shooting brake is a bold build, and we're happy to see someone taking the plunge.

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