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a/f, egt, oiltemp gauge signals!!

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Going to install some gauges, where do I get the signals from?
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Re: a/f, egt, oiltemp gauge signals!! (AZAD)

A/F is a pain for AWW/AWP You really need a 3rd O2 sensor welded in, switchable power, etc
EGT can be tapped in the manifold or the DP. Most here say the manifold, even though Autometer says 2" aft of the turbo. This needs switchable power too.
Oil temp is a sensor that taps into the pan/pan's drain bolt...I think
Re: a/f, egt, oiltemp gauge signals!! (Jman5000)

You mean I have to tap everything? Thought there were an easier way to do it. Since the ECU picks up signal from the two lambda sensors there should be an easy way to pick up a signal for the A/F.
Heard that there is a plug that can be replaced for the oiltemp above the oilfilter but haven't checked.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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