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a/f gauge wackiness

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ok-hooked up the a/f gauge yesterday, tapped into the gray wire on the o2 sensor (obd1 aba), started car, stayed rich the whole time thru the rpm range...hmmmm, ok- tinker with the connections-barely registers lean thru the rpm range, now the big ?- do you guys ground to the engine or to the chassis? destructions say to ground to the engine, but i've heard of people going to the chassis, and thoughts???
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Re: a/f gauge wackiness (hkk735)

I grounded mine to the chassis, A/F bounes like a rubber ball....make sure your voltage is up, when voltage gets low they tend to act wacky (lean mostly, you'll loose some bars)
Re: a/f gauge wackiness (PAGTI91)

ya same here... maybe ill try grounding it to the engine though. i get the bouncy ball too
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