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A few new things...

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... Well not that new, and not that special but since I'm a picture posting psycho...

New Vanity Plates. Not many Rado's will have that!

OE VW Center Caps. Perfect fit on my StilAuto's.

Thats all, just found the pics and felt like posting them...
Ok.. and some eye-candy after my dyno day.

[Modified by kkozma, 5:35 PM 11-30-2001]
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Re: A few new things... (kkozma)

Looking good. I remember the first pics you posted after buying. Its looking really good. The car found a good owner. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: A few new things... (BlackieVR6)

kkozma- sacha said you had deep dish wheels ....is he mistaken or did you get new wheels?...what did you dyno at?
Re: A few new things... (joeZX6)

Sacha? As in EdgeRacing?
No I have the StilAuto Racing wheel. He must have gotten me confused with someone else.
Re: A few new things... (kkozma)

glad to see you used my sugesstion for "XFLO"
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