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a lil help with widebody

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sup ppl . i jus need to know if when you get the widebody kit. the abt copy. does it change the whole fender. or does it just add on. i need to know this.
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Re: a lil help with widebody (jok3sta)

the whole front fenders are changed ... and the rear are changed TOTALLY!!! so yes ...they front are straight fenders that you put on and the rear have to be cut and fabricated on ... .etc etc
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Re: a lil help with widebody (STEALTHDEMONDUB)

yeah the front is pretty simple but i reccomend having a skilled body guy do it cause the rears take some work..
oh and on the knockoff ones (DTMautohaus) - the side repeater holes seem to be a tad too big and the sidemarkers have been known to fall in.. best bet is have them filled in while your in the shop
good luck!
Re: a lil help with widebody (jok3sta)

I'm getting a BBR widebody done now. Front fenders do bolt on. Rears needed to be grafted on. Metal needs to be cut and rolled and rear bumper needs to be stretched to form smooth line. Lots of work. Hope you know your body guy.
Re: a lil help with widebody (Pat Cosgrove)

my body guy is a coworker of mine and they will give me a good deal. does the front one come with the euro indent for the side markers
Re: a lil help with widebody (jok3sta)

yes it does...IMHO it looks better with out it...just a cleaner smoother line http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif good luck
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Re: a lil help with widebody (Euro Flavor)

i hope 'the guard' is paying for the kit greg. find out how much they are going to charge to get rid of my moldings...and give nick a call and see what he says about the widebody ish.. im out
Re: a lil help with widebody (pele)

hell yah the "guard" is payng for it. im going to nick in like 3 days imma find out
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