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A-pillar Fairings (NEED A PIC)

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hello VWers, I would like to see a pic of the A1 A-pillar Fairings installed on something. I would like to have a set for my cabby and caddy, but I am not sure about the windshield seal on the cabby.
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Re: A-pillar Fairings (forrestking)

My buddy Jay had them on his old bunny.
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Re: A-pillar Fairings (Lunitixx)

Wow, nice n clean Rabbit there....I likes
Re: A-pillar Fairings (Lunitixx)

can't see it too well, but what spoiler is that?... that is a nice rabbit...
Re: A-pillar Fairings (PDX Cabby)

What's the purpose of an A pillar fairing?
Re: A-pillar Fairings (80rabbitc)

It was wicked fast too. He hand built that motor. It was a 2033cc 8v. It would dust any ABA swap car I have ever driven.
He runs a shop here in Portland now called Double J Motorwerks Give him a call and he'll build ya one.
The spoiler was just a rabbit GTI one with an additional bit of ABS plastic down there.
The A-pillar fairings cut down on wind resistance so you can go faster, quieter, and use less gas getting there.
Re: A-pillar Fairings (Yellow Rabbit)

quote:[HR][/HR]What's the purpose of an A pillar fairing?[HR][/HR]​
It's supposed to reduce wind drag and therefor less noise, better mpg(highway), and I guess maybe a better top speed.
Re: A-pillar Fairings (8416V)

Hmmm, I'd argue that folding in your mirrors would do as much for aerodynamics.
Re: A-pillar Fairings (Yellow Rabbit)

Someone used to have the windtunnel test sheet on their website showing the results on the comparison. It was a pretty big diff. I can't remember which site it was.
Re: A-pillar Fairings (Yellow Rabbit)

quote:[HR][/HR]Hmmm, I'd argue that folding in your mirrors would do as much for aerodynamics.[HR][/HR]​
Hmmm, I'd argue it'd be harder to see behind you with mirrors folded in. Easier though with A pillar fairings on and mirrors where they should be.
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Re: A-pillar Fairings (Lunitixx)

Where can I get a set?
Re: A-pillar Fairings (CLM)

quote:[HR][/HR]Where can I get a set?[HR][/HR]​
now that is the question!
Re: A-pillar Fairings (rockit)

Autotech has them listed, they're about $65 a set. I had a set to pu ton the Blue Bunny, but broke them trying to put them on.
It was really cold out. I was stupid.
BTW, that's a tight Rabbit. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: A-pillar Fairings (bluerrrabbit)

Will they fit on a Rabbit GTI?
Re: A-pillar Fairings (vwvapors.com)

quote:[HR][/HR]Will they fit on a Rabbit GTI?[HR][/HR]​
that's what they originally came on....
Re: A-pillar Fairings (bluerrrabbit)

I almost broke mine getting them off to get the car painted, they were on there tight.
Does anyone know if these have ever been accused of causing leaks? I know that they are wedged pretty deep under the windshield rubber. Also, for obvious reasons these cannot be fitted to cars with the eurothane'd/glue-in windsheilds.
Re: A-pillar Fairings (beetlevdubn)

They were standard issue on the first GTI's, meaning the mid to late 70s German GTIs. However, they were not able to be installed on the first(or last, for that matter) US GTIs due to the glued in windshield as beetlvdubn correctly pointed out.
Unless you replace your windshield and seal with the earlier version....
Oh, these paired with the "euro" duckbill front lower airdam was reportedly worth 10% improvement in fuel mileage, not too shabby..

[Modified by Andrew Stauffer, 12:43 PM 2-8-2002]
Re: A-pillar Fairings (Lunitixx)

Id like to put some a pillar fairing on my rabbit but mine has the lay in wind sheild so i cant!!!!
...They only work on the earlyer rabbit's i guess..
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Re: A-pillar Fairings (metrowdub)

You could shave the rain gutters altogether. Also someone was talking about making some in the classifieds, I don't know if they are exact replicas or different to work with the glued in windshield.
Re: A-pillar Fairings (forrestking)

There is gotta be a way to "rig" those on to american style GTI's with out changing over the windshield and gasket? I don't care if they would work or not, I just think the pillars are cool looking. Any ideas on retro fitting them on a u.s. rabbit?(with out using duct tape
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