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Hey guys, so my name is Jordan, and this is my 1996 Jetta Gl,

Untitled by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

I've been on Vortex for a little while now, but never posted much of my car because it has been pretty much a stock MK3 minus a couple of small mods here and there, and nobody wants to see that!
However, I figured its about time to start a thread on the car because the mods are starting to become more frequent, and I'm going to try my best to keep track of everything I do with the car.
So without further ado, here is the story of my MK3:

Back in 2002, my parents were shopping for a car, and they ended up picking up yet another VW, this time a 1996 Jetta Gl. For many, many years this car, along with my moms MK2 were the two dailies and only cars of the household, up until about six years ago when my dad got himself a 98 Jaguar for his 50th birthday present. The MK2 then started getting a little more rest, and the Jetta got kicked out of the garage, and the driveway became its new parking spot. A few years later the transmission in the Jaguar takes another sh!t and the car has been sitting since then, leaving the MK2 and the MK3 the sole dalies again. Fast forward another few years, and my parents decide that the MK3 Jetta is becoming a bit too old and worn to remain as a reliable daily, so they start shopping for another car, buy a MK5 Jetta, and the MK3 Jetta sits and my parents start to let it sit go to sh!t.

So about three years ago my parents start talking about donating the car and just giving it away so they can get rid of it. So I bring up the fact that I'm gonna start driving soon, and i'll need a car for High School. They think it over for a while and decide that I can have the car if I pay for all the repairs to get it back to daily driver condition, and pay for whatever else the car needs after that. (Insurance, repairs, etc.) So I got the car back to DD condition, and drove the car for a couple of years not really modifying it at all just doing a lot of maintenance when stuff broke. Which it seemed to do much too often for my liking. However, the car hasnt broken in a while and more mods have started coming in, so I figured maybe I should start tracking my progress.

My Ownership Timeline:

The original window sticker
OG Papers by MK3 LUV, on Flickr
Some of it is smudged, and I need to get a better quality picture, but I'm still glad I have it.

Stock as it gets:
My Jetta by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

The ignition coil then decided to stop working on me
Ignition Coil by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

The car got a new coil, along with its 40K mile service (plugs, wires, etc.) but when I went to pick the car up the alarm was engaged, and wouldnt turn off. :mad: So I had them put new door latches in, and after a month of no car, I finally got it back!

Went straight from picking the car up to go and get new tires put on, I was actually paying attention to what they were doing to my car until this pulled in
12C In Front by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

The car was good for about another five months, until this happened yet again
Timing Belt(?) Tow by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

(Horrible picture but you get the idea of what happened)
Slipped Timing Belt by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

Turns out that the lower crank pulley bolt had backed out, causing the pulley to come off, which then caused the timing belt to slip off. When I was driving and the belt came off I had actually driven the car about a block with the motor still running, and everything was still good after the car was put back together, not even a single bent valve or anything! Still wish I had thought to turn the motor off after the belt came off, but now i'll know what to do if it ever happens to me again I guess.

Got the car back a couple weeks later, everything back the way it should be
DSCF3937 by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

That brings the car about up to date on everything that happened maintenance-wise, so I guess now on to the much shorter and far less exciting modification part of the 'build'

Heres a picture of the dirty, stock engine bay, it has since had a couple of small changes here and there
Stock bay by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

About a year ago now I had a friend help me update my stereo some, I put in a new Kenwood headunit, Kenwood rear speakers, two 12' Kickers, a Kicker amplifier, and a Capacitor. (never again will I put a bunch of bass in a car without the proper speakers and sound deadening to support it)
The least embarrassing photo I have to show the subs
Tidied Up Wiring by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

My friend Ty sent me some GLX taillights, I later de-ambered them and put in new bulbs and foam gaskets
De Ambered GLX Tails by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

Then I swapped the 90a alternator out for a 120a one
Untitled by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

Then I picked up a cheap set of wheels off craigslist I was planning to run in hopes of a bigger front brake setup, but I later bought another set of wheels I am far more excited about running once I get the proper tires and adapters for them
Untitled by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

Ended up picking up the Jeep wheels the same night that these showed up
Coils Arrived by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

A couple of months later I finally bought the coil install kit from ECS, so then this happened
Untitled by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

Had a few issues with getting the coils in and everything in properly, but a few days of work with a few setbacks mixed in here and there, and everything is worked out now :thumbup:

Did some late night craigslist browsing and I ended up with this
Untitled by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

Most likely just going to let the fender sit for a while until I have a few more parts that I can all send off to paint at once to help keep costs down a bit :thumbup:

So there is the history of my car, sorry it's so long, I doubt a lot of you will actually read the whole thing, but I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Thanks to: TheTynosaur, mk4max, CabbieVR6, KawahBunga, MK3.OT, and anyone else who has helped me that I cant think of at the moment. The car wouldnt be where it is today without your help, and I thank each and every one of you for that. :heart:

Edit: the "current" pic from when the thread was originally started
Untitled by MK3 LUV, on Flickr

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Mod List: *Needs updating, everything listed in following post*

Swiss Cheesed Airbox
Washer Resi Delete
Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

GLX Taillights (De Ambered)
Rain-X'ed Windshield
Driver Side Bosch Icon Wiper Blade
New Door Lock Cylinders
Door handle 'spacers'
GLX Drivers Fender in the works
Painted Mirror caps in the works

MKIV Shift Knob
Non OEM Rear Mats
Replaced Seat Sliders/ Bushings

Kenwood BTC555-U Headunit
2 Kenwood Speakers
2 600W 12' Kicker Comp S'
Kicker Amplifier

14x6 OEM Steelies w/ 185/55 Yokohama S.Drives
CX Racing Coils 'Drift' 10K/8K spring rates

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Recent Maintenance:

Timing belt replaced on 06/19/14 @ 159,607mi
SYLVANIA 9004 Headlight Bulbs installed 02/24/15
Replaced Oil Pan 04/10/15
Replaced Oil Pan Gasket 04/10/15
Replaced Oil Cooler Seal 04/10/15
Replaced Seat Sliders 05/01/15
Installed Oil Pan Baffle 05/06/15
Replaced Oil Pump 05/06/15 @163,404mi
Replaced Oil Pump Baffle 05/06/15
Replaced 1.8bar Oil Pressure Sensor 05/11/15
Replaced PCV System 05/11/15
Replaced .25bar Oil Pressure Sensor 05/22/15
Installed TT 266* Cam 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Installed TT HD Valve Springs 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Replaced Lifters 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Installed Supertech Valves 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Cleaned / Machined Head 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Replaced Timing Belt 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Replaced Waterpump 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Replaced NGK Spark Plugs 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Installed 71C Low Temp Thermostat 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Replaced Tensioner Roller 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Replaced Head Gasket 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Replaced Head Bolts 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Coolant Flush w/ G12 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Replaced Rear Wheel Bearings 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Replaced Parking Brake Cables 06/27/15 @163,408mi
Installed HD Upper Strut Mounts 07/06/15
Installed H&R Front Coilovers 07/06/15
Installed LED Rear Amber Turn Signals 07/11/15
Installed DjAuto Ecodes 08/25/15
Installed 17x7 et43 Enkei RPF1s & 215/45 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 08/28/15
Installed Custom Machined 15mm 42DD Hubcentric Spacers w/42DD Extended Lugs 08/28/15
Replaced Upper Heater Hose 09/21/15
Replaced Lower Heater Hose 09/21/15

Installed 205/40/17 Falken 512s on 9/3/15 @165,616mi

*Disclaimer* All mileage listed is the current mileage shown on the cluster, not the miles actually on the motor.

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I think I started a trend... I've seen two or three of these threads pop up. And I love it. We don't see enough of these types of threads for MK3s anymore.

Hopefully this just makes us all work harder and starts a new renaissance here in the MK3 world :thumbup:

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Thanks man :beer:

I think I started a trend... I've seen two or three of these threads pop up. And I love it. We don't see enough of these types of threads for MK3s anymore.

Hopefully this just makes us all work harder and starts a new renaissance here in the MK3 world :thumbup:
I've always planned on starting a thread, so I figured why not do it now since i'm starting to mod the car more so now I'll be able to keep track of everything a lot easier :thumbup:

and hopefully one day my car will be clean like yours, you've done quite a few of the mods i'm planning, so your car is a pretty big inspiration for mine :heart:

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you should rustproof it and keep that forever bc damn that is a nice car :heart::p
Thanks man, and it's a Texas car now, so it wont need much rustproofing :laugh:

Interested to see the reserved spots fill up with some solid mk3 content. :beer:
I'm hoping for the same haha, big plans but they might take a while to pan out. But we'll see what the future brings :thumbup:

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love where this is going. Keep it up. :thumbup:
Can't wait to see the Jeep wheels on.
Good to see a thread for it man! Cool that it's been in your family for so long too :thumbup:
Thanks guys!

Wow, those look a TON better than the stock size. I'll be getting a set of those. Do you like the S-drives? I have them in 195/50r15 and I like them.
I like them a lot, but I also dont have anything else to compare them to though because theyre the first set of performance tires i've owned. I chose them because they were they only summer/ performance tire available in 14's, and when I got them put on, the guy actually was telling me that theyre discontinued, now I have no idea how credible he was, but that was a year ago, so good luck in your search :thumbup:
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