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A1 16V conversion questions - please help!

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a friend was attempting a 16V swap in his 84 GTI and has now stuck me with the fun task of wiring up the motor.
we're swapping the complete engine harness including ignition module, knock box, and computer from a 16V Scirocco. another friend has a 16V 'rocco and i've used it to determine where the most of the connectors go, but i'm left with a few cut wires that i'm not sure where they connect.
also, i'm not sure what parts from the original GTI harnesses i'll need. the stock GTI computer and harness has already been completely removed before i got involved. the only engine wiring left under the hood is on the driver's side by the brake booster and includes the wiring for the coil, water temp gauge, oil gauges, warm up regulator, etc... if anyone can help me figure out what needs to be done to get this completed, i'd be most grateful!
1) getting 12V+ to the new harness (both constant and ignition)
2) hooking up the coil to the new harness - do i need to hook up the GTI's original coil wires as well?
3) determining where the cut wires need to go (they are from two connectors, one black 2pin and one white 3pin by the transmission - i will post colors ASAP)
4) if anyone has the Cabrio/Scirocco Bentley manual, i'd seriously be ecstatic to have someone email me the appropriate wiring diagrams

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Re: A1 16V conversion questions - please help! (synergytuning)

i just finished this conversion as well. i had trouble with the wiring in the beginning too. i can give you some hands on help. how far from jersey are you? i was just down in philly yesterday. lmk -mason-
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