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I'm sure there are a lot of people in my position right now. With the loss of so many old threads, swaps have become more difficult. I am currently working on swapping a 2.0 16v (CIS-E Motronic) into my 1984 Rabbit GTI. So, I think it would be an excellent idea if we worked together to get a thread together for those people also stuck in a rut. Also, there was never really a Motronic specific thread in the first place, which I think left a lot of people scrounging for information. I will be updating this thread as I come across more information, and would appreciate anyone's contributions of information and knowledge. Thank you.


If you aren't already aware, there is still some good information here, though links to old threads don't work:

I would like to start by detailing my initial plan of attack for this swap. It's my initial analysis, if you will. I'm not sure if it can be this simple, but it seems as though it would work:

The engine wiring harness appears to be connected to the fuse box/rest of car, through two six pin connectors (T6a, T6b.) Therefore, in theory this should allow the engine to be monitored and controlled by the ECU, which would be hooked up to all engine sensors and controls through the engine harness. The ECU and certain sensors (oil press/temp, rpm, etc.) would then send signals through connectors T6a and T6b to the main fuse box/relay board, which would be original to the car (CIS-Jetronic.)
The wires that comprise connectors T6a and T6b must be identified, in order to understand where they must be connected with the main wiring harness under the dash of the car. The findings as of (6/14/10) are summarized below:

T6a - Black
1 BK/W - G2/4
2 R - Power - Y/4
3 R/W - O2 sensor to fuel pump - G1/8 to M/2
4 R/Y - G1/3
5 BK
6 BK/Y - To Pin 1 of Coil
*Pins 5&6 appear to be connected at G1/4

T6b - Gray
1 BL/W - Connects to W/Y at fuse box - W/1
2 R/BK - F/9
3 W/G - G1/6
4 Y/BK - Diagnostic connector - Under shift boot
5 Y - Diagnostic connector - Under shift boot
6 GY/W - Diagnostic connector - Under shift boot

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Taken from the Announcements section, http://forums.vwvortex.com/announcement.php?f=38&a=3:

"UPDATE (6/18/10): Last night we transferred the database (including all of our archived topics) to our new servers. The servers are being configured currently and if everything goes smoothly, we should be able to start directing traffic to our new servers with the full archives in place starting on Saturday, two days ahead of schedule. We already transferred our sister site, Swedespeed.com, to the new servers and the drastic increase in the speed of the forums is staggering. I'm glad to say that soon this will all be behind us and we'll get back to business as normal."

This is exciting, but I still think it would be nice, and very helpful to get the motronic specific information all in one place.
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