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a1 16v vs. a2 16v

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i know a rabbit is lighter but whats the biggest difference between the both performance wise or is there no noticable difference.tell me about your own 16v bunnys.
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Re: a1 16v vs. a2 16v (EURO-PN)

i would have to say that weight is the biggest factor......i've driven many 16V mk1's (rabbit, mk1 scirocco, and a mk2 scirocco), mk2's (jetta's mainly) and passats (B3 obviously)...and the heavier the car gets, the slower the 16V "feels"....
driveline loss also plays a factor. the mk1 has a lower driveline loss than the mk2...so that also helps in the transfer of power to the road.
a 16V isn't that much heavier than an 8V, so it doesn't really throw off the weight distribution of a mk1 either....so it handles very nicely....

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Re: a1 16v vs. a2 16v (mk1gti girl)

I prefer the ride of a A2 lowered over an A1 (more suspension travel), but it's much easier and controllable to toss around an A1
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