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A1 Airdams

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Can you guys post some websites where i can get cool airdams for my A1. And some cool pics of some. Just tryin to figure out what i want.
Thanx http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: A1 Airdams (Driftin GTI)

Ahhh Kamei... Nice looking dam. But. Those suckers are BRITTLE. I had a new one that I never installed, sold it to Taylor for his "Silver Bastard"...
Dunno where you are intending to drive your car, but I'm real partial to the "unbreakable" factory dams on the 83-84 GTIs. I've heard Xenon makes a deeper dam that is also unbreakable, but to me, it looks like a friggin' railroad tie...(no offense meant- Xenon owners)..
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