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A1 GTI/GLI parts-Vancouver

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Hello West Coast Canadians,
I've got some parts from my 84 GLI laying around. I'm only interested in local sales for now. I don't want the hassle of fooling around with shipping.
some parts i have are:
2h tranny
1.8L JH engine
heater stuff
all glass
interior (blue)
pass. door
other bits and pieces. email me for more info.
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Re: A1 GTI/GLI parts-Vancouver (a1jettagli)

you got a rear defogger switch? and will it work in my Scirocco? Mine crapped out on me
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Re: A1 GTI/GLI parts-Vancouver (a1jettagli)

Have you got an upper stress bar that would fit my Rabbit?
Let me know.
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