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A2 Jetta--amp under rear seat? Sub install?

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Hi all,
I'm looking to add an amp, x-over, and 10" sub to my Jetta (possibly). I have the amp and x-over, and was thinking of places to mount it. I'd prefer not to have it in the trunk if possible as I haul a lot of junk for work and don't want it damaged. I was thinking about putting it under the rear seat in one of those little wells. Anyone else done this? My other amp is under the passenger seat.
Also--I'd like to run 1 10" driver. Has anyone (who has the ski pass-thru) removed their ski pass-thru and aimed their sub through that hole? I'm thinking about getting some foam, mounting it on the front of the box around the sub, and snugging it up to that hole...hopefully eliminating vibration/rattling and keeping too much road/exhaust noise from the trunk from getting in the car.
Currently I have the entire back seat/rear deck/under seat area Dynamatted, so I'd have to do something to get the sound thru to the pass. compartment.
Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
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Re: A2 Jetta--amp under rear seat? Sub install? (SeattleGLI)

We have a '88 GLI. When we first got it back then, we had an A/D/S amp installed in one of the wells you are speaking of. We had no problems with it that I can recall. As you can imagine, there is virtually no venilation in there, so I wouldn't recommend it for a high-power amp.
When I upgraded the stereo 5-6 years later, I had them (Magnolia Hi-Fi installed both systems) mount the new, larger, amp on the back of the rear seat so it would have better ventilation. We never had a problem with that installation, either, even with a trunk full of camping gear. If I were you, I would seriously consider this mounting location.
Good luck whichever way you choose!
I don't have the ski pass-through (nor is there a sub in our Jetta), so I can't answer your other question.

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Re: A2 Jetta--amp under rear seat? Sub install? (MojoMan)

I had my amp located on the underside of my rear deck running two 10's. The only times I had problems with it was during the summer and when I was pushing really hard. Anywho, never had any problems located there. I have now relocated to the the left side bin area mounted to a piece of 1/2" mdf. Haven't had any problems with it mounted there, and I have yet to overheat. Of course, I am back to just an eight since my father took my 10's so he could use them. Oh well.
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