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A2 TDI vs A2 VR6

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I'm planning on doing a TDI swap into my A2 Jetta. The problem is, this swap is not done too often and information on it is hard to come by. On the other hand, lots of people do VR6 swaps, so there is quite a bit of information on it available.
I plan to get a wrecked TDI [not sure if it should be a jetta or a passat...any suggestions?] and use it in combination with an old A2 Diesel for parts [I'll need the fuel tank etc, as the A2 thats getting the engine is Gas]
My question is, how similar are the two swaps [A2 VR6 vs A2 TDI]?
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Re: A2 TDI vs A2 VR6 (zaskar)

Hey, thanks for the reply...I've been asking around for a few months and you've given me the most useful info so far

I'm going to start calling around to find a wrecked A3 TDI.
Thanks again.
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Re: A2 TDI vs A2 VR6 (zaskar)

Cool, thanks man!
I'm on the hunt for an A3 TDI Jet now. I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions once I get my hands dirty.
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