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i have an 90 mk2 golf with a vr from a 93 passat in it. i have the stock vr fans. there not coming on and my temp gauge is reading 210 and climbing. i tested the relay and it works. i replaced the thermostatic switch in the radiator and the aux water pump. still no luck. i jumped the terminals on the yellow terminal like the bently said and nothing. then i took a test light to both the terminals that bently said to jump and i got now power..... is this normal.
on the back of the fan its self there are 3 wires in the conector and one that was cut( like that when i bought the swap). the cut wire is black and yellow. not sure what its for. ..... if your looking down on the connector when its pluged in the cut wire is on the right. the fans have worked before so i dont know whats up.
( note i just installed an after market temp gauge. a wile back i tried to do this by splicing into the temp sensor under the hood, but messed up the signal that was being sent to the computer and wouldnt let the car turn back on unless it was completly cooled down. so this time i just cut the wire going to the gauge and conected that to the gauge car has ran fine and starts up again even when hot. just thought i would throw that in. im trying to give as much info as i can. i spent all day friday at school trying to figure out the problem but no luck. thanks
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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