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Welcome to the A3 (8P) Fourtitude Members Gallery, where members can post pics of their A3s.
To have anything added to this gallery, use the report post to moderator function, from a post where your picture is in another thread.
Or Post it Here.

3dr A3 3.2, Southern France and Twin Cities, MN:

821 (Greg), Troy, MI:

A+, Coquitlam, BC:

a3-b-RS, Berkeley, CA:

A3inAZ, Phoenix, AZ:

A3owner2B, North Carolina:

A3Pat, Addison, TX:

ACIII, Kowloon, HK:

AdidasCU, Boulder, CO:

ahgood, Richmond, BC:

aircanada_23, Toronto, ON:

angryrican66, Fairfax, CA:

ATRE, San Mateo, CA:

AudiHVParts, Huntington Valley, PA:

autobahnmouse, Istanbul, Turkey:

azoceanblue, Sun City, AZ:

Ballo Fruit, Severn, MD

Biggie_Robs, Oxford, MS:

BoraBmw, Bora:

brungold W.LA Ca.

claud, Raleigh, NC:


cwash36, Plainfield, NJ:

d-s-d-j, Netherlands:

dandle, London, UK:

dan-phx, Scottsdale, AZ:

DaveE, Philadelphia, PA:

DAVID1.8T, Phoenix, AZ:

Dayton, Cleveland, OH:

dhaley, Rockland County, NY:

Discover, Yehud:

dougman, Bedford, NH:

eltonsi Toronto ONT.

fireweaver, East Bay, CA:

francy.net, Milano, Italy:

g1186, Weston, FL:

gCHOW, South Pasadena, CA:

ghostmike, Richmond, BC:

GLEA, Las Vegas, NV:

grantb4, San Juan Capistrano, CA:

GregZ, Woodbridge, NJ:

grew, Santa Monica, CA:

Grisnjam, Austin, TX:

GTI017, Mill Creek, WA:

GTIHun, Portland, OR:

H-ManZX, Berlin, Germany:



jefftyky, Las Vegas, NV:

judgegavel, Staten Island, NY:

jumpsi, Tampere, Finland:

justdanorm, Cape Coral, FL/Hannover, DE:

kharma, Newton, MA:

KnockKnock, Los Angeles, CA:

krazyboi, Annandale, VA:

LeeA3, Toronto, Ontario:

lemonstuff, Winston, NC:

limesparks, Montclair, NJ:

logicallychallenged, Detroit, MI:

Lovely Angel, Beaverton, OR:

luky_a3, Sunnyvale, CA:

McGriddle, Montclair, NJ:

mixmaster-mo, Mount Vernon, NY:

mookieblaylock, Mississippi:

motorsport, New South Wales, AU:

ngb_anim8, Merrimack, NH:

Notwell, Scottsdale, AZ:

OpenSkye, East Coast, US:

portishead, Venice, CA:

ProjectA3, Anthem, AZ (Fourtitude Project Car):

RedA33.2, Danbury, CT:

redmoon, London, UK:

resnone1, Massachussetts:

Rogerthat, Los Angeles, CA/Atlanta, GA:

rs3dpl, Heraklion, Greece:

Rub-ISH, Baltimore, MD:

RyanA3, Philadelphia, PA:

si_reading, Manchester, UK:

SLEEPERA3, Ambler, PA:

Sloth, Sydney AUSTRALIA

snaprhead7, Connecticut:

snowboardegn, Rockford, IL:

SpoolinFSI, Jacksonville, FL:

SprintA3, Annapolis, MD:

sqcomltwin, Houston, TX:

Suspekt, Buggenhout, Belgium:

swhbr, Philadelphia, PA:

T1noandaudi, Fullerton, CA:

taoz, Beltsville, MD:

TD22057, Santa Clarita, CA:

ThesuperchargedVR6, Essex, VT:

Tommy1finger, Portland, OR:

travis06, Fort Wayne, IN:

uberR32, Houston, TX:

valtorr, Coquitlam, BC:

verbalink, San Jose, CA:

VR6 NRG, Anthem, AZ:

vrbrips, Boston, MA:

vw_streetrider, Westerly, RI:

wagginLawrenceville, GA:

wcf3, Shorewood, MN:

whizbang18T, Houston, TX:

WhyteIncognito, Edmonton, AB:

willy_dub, Glasgow, Scotland, UK:

xgarage, Atlanta, GA:

yam, Santa Clara, CA:

zero1, Folsom, CA:

ZFXR, Chicago, IL:

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A little smaller picture than the previous post:

Fresh coat of S100 wax last weekend. Other than the recent window tint, no mods.... I factory ordered with everything I would have added as mods to a lesser automobile! Everything except chip tuning, that might be next.

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2009 a3 sline
2.0t 6speeD manual
wheels-miro 19x8.5 19x9.5
forged dv spacer

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Thought i would do an update with the current car
Project A3 #2 Anthem, AZ

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My A3 and a friends S5

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