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A3 Jetta help!

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Been reading through, and will continue to, but i could use some help figuring out what to do to replace the ugly useless headlights on this a3 jetta..
and no, not swapping in some poor golf's face

can anyone give me some pointers? I understand A3 HID's are kind of a difficult thing, and truth be told idon't think i need em. Any possibility or shoving in mkiv oem HID's? I seen the bmw e36 fronts squeezed in, but i'm (personally) not into the dual-rounds...
maybe i should just trash it all and go single rounds like on kevin's coupe..
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Re: A3 Jetta help! (zamicus)

have you considered some nice simple smoked e-codes? maybe an upper grille spoiler would bring it all together. search for pics of jettabink for example.
-hope ya don't mind bink!
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