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A3 parts recyclers

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Does anyone know some Phone #s or web addresses to some good parts recyclers? I need a front Jetta bumper and cover and some other parts.
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Re: A3 parts recyclers (VW KEVIN G)

I have the bumper rebar from my Golf GTI VR6 that I would gladly part with as it sits and collects dust in my garage. I also have the stock radiator support too that is dual fan.
Re: A3 parts recyclers (VW KEVIN G)

This is a site a VAG recycler, located in BC, Canada. I don't have any others but this one, sorry.
You could try talking to them, you never know
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Re: A3 parts recyclers (Lyzic)

i have almost every excessorie you could need let me know what yo need
its yours dirt cheap
Re: A3 parts recyclers (Lyzic)

http://www.specializedgerman.com/ http://www.northtorontomotors.com/
Good stuff on these sites. But my personal favorite is the local junkyard. Much more fun to go get the stuff yourself, and you can inspect it (did I mention it's a whole lot cheaper too?). Check your yellowpages, there might be one near you
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