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A4 Aluminized exhaust system??

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Does anyone make a 2.5 or larger A41.8TQ Aluminized exhaust system? I know the stainless will last for ever, but the car wont.
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Re: A4 Aluminized exhaust system?? (Bail)

not sure but I would try calling APR or Stramoshere to see if they know of any - my take would be that it wouldnt be any cheaper so goin with the stainless is a better choice
Re: A4 Aluminized exhaust system?? (Bail)

Give techtonics tuning on the west coast a buzz. They should have it for your A4....www.ttuning.com. I just picked up my K&N Air Filter for my A4 V6 Quattro and it took less than 10 minutes in and out.
Re: A4 Aluminized exhaust system?? (Mario Maverick)

I called Techtonics Tuning and all they have is the stainless. Not much demand for aluminized system for A4. To Bad for me$$.
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