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My audi a4 b6 had automatic (or some other type) transmission and it was replaced with manual before I got it. Now, the problem is reverse lights are not working at all. I have 13 wires in the original installation (the connector is cut out, no idea how it looked like, but I think 2 wires are CAN wires (orange-xxx), 1 is ground, 2 are +)
When look at car schematic, there should be some white-blue wire (connected to black-blue coming from fuse - this exists) for reverse lights, but it is not there. I would connect new wire, but I have no idea where it should go (which module, which pin)

So, the "only" problem is signal from reverse switch, no idea where the other wire should be connected. When I run diagnostic test, reverse lights come on (forced with diagnostic), so that part works for sure

Does anyone knows at least the type of gearbox it was originally there (by 13 wires coming from engine ecu mostly)?
I would really like to fix this issue, but tried everything I could figure out, need some fresh idea.

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